2016 One-Page Calendar

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Holy cow. Oh, life. Three kids definitely put the brakes on my online contributions in the form of blog posts. Sheesh! Time passes and you get too far behind to even think about catching up. So I won't really try, but I do want to post my 2016 one-page calendar for those who have grown accustomed to using them every year. So sorry for the delay!

Here's the link to the color version.
Here's the link to the black/white version.

Here's a visual of this year's calendar.

Thank you for your patience with me!

Juliette has turned 4 (I owe her a birthday post), Molly is now 2.5, and George is 5 months. We had a sweet visit to see my grandma in Texas last week. I just love this picture of her with all three! At least once daily, I'm jolted into the reality that these are three separate souls, with three distinct personalities for us to love and shepherd. I try and take the time to look into each of their eyes every day and take in who they are today and what they're like today. It all goes so fast.

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