Reminder: 2014 One Page Calendar

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I posted this puppy wayyy back in August (since I was strangely on-the-ball this year)... but I thought since it's now late November, and the new year is coming for us, I'd remind you guys that you can find the handy one-page 2014 calendar for download here in color, and here in black and white (if you so desire).

A visual.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! May your holiday be full of rest and some fun in the kitchen!

Jane, and JT (and other miscellany)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sometimes when I want to do something "justice" in blog post form, I procrastinate doing it because a) it's my nature and b) requires real mental energy. So here goes. (Lots of photos ahead!)

My darling niece, Jane Frances, was born November 9. My sister has been a total champ through her entire pregnancy, and handled her labor & delivery the exact same way, with her usual grace and easy composure (though her labor & delivery really seemed to be a dream!).

Look at this beautiful love...

I cannot fully express how excited I am for these little stair-step girl cousins! I pray for my girls and all of the cousins they're blessed to have (6 total now!) that they will have lifelong friendships.

All of the "Guinn girls"....

Meeting Uncle Jonny...

And this! I put this on instagram, but I have really dreamed of this moment since Martha told me that Frances was potentially Jane's middle name (they waited until after she was born to tell us).

Here's Molly Frances, Martha Frances, and Jane Frances in one photo, sweetly honoring our Granny. I miss her so much!

Look at sweet Jane wrapped in her "Granny blanket."

Between Jane, my month-old precious nephew Jonah, and the brand-new baby next door, we are surrounded by new life! It has been so fun and incredible.

In other news, one of my best friends Mandi and I enjoyed seeing Justin Timberlake in Memphis this week (his hometown, represent!). Actually, I think "enjoyed" is sort of a lame word to describe how much fun it was. Oh man.

The Mayor declared it "JT Day" in Memphis, and boy did we show him the love.

(Playing "Until the End of Time")
He knows how to put on a show, that's for sure. I wish I could go again (and again). The choreography, lights, everything..."top shelf" as they say. And, for crying out loud, he put on a Grizzlies hat for the encore. I love that.

In other news, my brother is here visiting baby Jane, and we enjoyed taking a trip to the zoo with him. This is typical Juliette right now...
on the move!

A Blur! (Maybe that should be her "superhero" name?)

And this baby? My lands. Look at that face.

Life is good.

Juliette at 2 years, three months

Thursday, November 14, 2013

We need to quit being surprised by this one. She's funny. And chatty.

(with her bff Elliot)

Her newest thing is going to "da football game." Daddy and I took her to a Memphis Tigers game about a month ago, and she looooved it. As we were leaving, she was saying, "Daddy, I wanna go back in da football game" over and over. Has not stopped talking about it since. Daddy and Papa took her to another one this past Saturday, and oh my goodness, life is made. This morning, she gave me another full recap of their time at da football game: "I saw da fireworks, and the bubbles, and the band with the trumpets, and the tiger and everyone was there. I wanna go to another football game." 

She still loves to sing. It is one of my favorite things she does. I think she is pretty good. I have noticed that whenever she asks me to sing a song I don't recognize the name of, I'll ask, "how does it go?" and she says without blinking, "in da moufth." Touche, my dear. Touche.

Another new fave is pulling Molly in the wagon. Be still my heart.

Potty training is going pretty well. She has been waking up in the early morning hours asking to go, so that is a good sign I think. She's really trying to stay dry. 

She has been doing a great job being gentler with Molly over the past week or two. When we aren't looking, Jonathan and I have both noticed her being extra sweet to Molly, or reading to her, or bringing her toys. Watching the two of them together ... it just doesn't get any better than that. 

She also started dance class last week and that has been a big hit (for all of us... I mean, the outfit alone!). 

Is it weird to say your 2-year-old reminds you of Jo March already?

Molly Frances // 8 months old

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

One of these days I will kick myself in gear for months 4-7, but I'm just gonna go ahead and throw this one out there anyway.

Molly is 8 months old!

What an absolute joy. She has the easiest nature. I always say she is just happy to be there, and it's really true. Any smiles or attention she gets are always welcome, as she is very engaging with everybody. She is getting pretty busy in her play endeavors, and is very good at playing by herself. She loves playing near her big sissy, and especially with sister's toys (namely, anything to do with the play kitchen).

Big strides between months 7-8: first teeth came out, the bottom two simultaneously! Not without some heartache though (and Tylenol). Other developmental milestones she just knocked out this month: non-commando-crawling, pulling up, and even cruising while pulled up! She is also really into clapping. Break my heart, why don't ya.

Molly wears 6-12 month clothing, size 3 diaper (about to be size 4), and still nurses/gets 8 oz bottles 4x/day (depending on if it's a workday or not). She also made strides in the eating solids dept. this definitely eating dinner every day, and started eating at school too. She likes the organic puree pouches so that has been nice. I lightly puree the food we eat if I actually cook something for dinner and she has been pretty non-picky once she got over the mechanical hump of actually being able to eat.

Sleeping: definitely sleeps all night, between 11-12 hours/night. YES. Naps at school are atrocious. Too curious about what's going on. But on the weekends, she'll nap between 45 min-hour in the mornings and 2 hours in the afternoon.

We are all smitten over this little one! Love watching her grow.

Halloween Ain't for Sissies

Friday, November 01, 2013

My parenting career has been a relatively short one thus far, but I more or less mantra'd the title of this post yesterday morning during a particularly marathon of school drop-offs (akin to this one).

Molly is almost 8 months old and thus carrying her in the infant seat has become no easy task. Add in steady rain (just short of "downpour" status), a little wind, a wily 2-year-old, two Halloween costumes, a tupperware container of cookies for the Halloween party, and a backpack with bottles in it (oh yes, that definitely spilled during the hubbub of transit), and you've got a crazy ten minutes of life.

Juliette: "Imma ride under the umbrella, Mommy!"
me: "Not enough hands today, baby!"

Meanwhile...just look at this turtle. I love her.

Hooray for the costume hand-me-down! We were both so excited to see this one again! Anything cuter than this?  ----->

And my here's my shark:

Re: the shark costume, we had to do a little cajoling when it first came in the mail (via ebay). When we first pulled it out, she said, "Daddy, I don't like that. Put it back in the box."

Eventually (this is probably awful to admit but we're not above bribing at times), Jonathan said, "I will give you two M&Ms if you put this on." She immediately countered with, "How 'bout three."

By the time trunk-or-treat rolled around this past Sunday night, she was all warmed up to the shark, and yesterday, for the school party had totally embraced it. Last night, she didn't want to take it off, and asked me this morning if she could put it back on. (It's now nice and covered with candy drool, mainly from her beloved "lollipops," which probably need to disappear now.)

Here's a pretty awful/awfully blurry family shot from the "parade" yesterday at the girls' school. but it seems that when it comes to family shots, it's a take-what-you-get sort of situation?

In other parenting-toddlers news (if you're interested), this blog post on tantrums (and subsequently this post) have been sorta rocking my world. Juliette really hasn't been a tantrum-thrower until the past several months and I've sort of been clueless on how to handle it. These posts are full of practical, godly advice and have totally resonated with me in an extremely helpful. The not-letting-them-collapse-on-the-floor thing has been huge. If you are in the dealing-with-tantrums season of life, may I encourage you to give these a read!

Here's a little nugget for you (source): When your child erupts into a tantrum, God has given you a BIG moment where you can teach your child to listen to you, to trust your instructions over his/her feelings, and to have self-control in the midst of disappointment, frustration, rage, or uncertainty. This is an investment in your child's future-- you are teaching him/her to be emotionally stable and not fly off the handle into rages or controlling emotions because of life's disappointments. You are training him/her how to respond to challenges and difficulties.

See? Gold.

Whew, I digress. Ha! It was a great Halloween! Can't believe it's November! My niece will be here so SOON! Can't wait.

Halloween 2012
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