Two in Diapers, and Pumpkins

Monday, October 28, 2013

So, I don't mind.

Listen here: when I was pregnant with Molly, and Juliette was very apparently still a baby, people in public (and some friends/acquaintances) would cluck to themselves and say, "Hmm, two in diapers...that'll be fun."

And I would counter with something along the lines of (but probably a little less smart-alecky), "What sounds fun about potty-training and having a newborn?"

Now that we've hit the iceberg of training with Jules, I just keep thinking, "man, diapers are so easy!" This is obviously short-term thinking, but is it terrible to say I'm glad she's been in diapers until now, with Molly being generally a little easier to care for too?

We had a great weekend full of trunk or treat at church, a fall festival attendance, a Halloween "spooky" concert, and even a fire in the fireplace. Here's documentation of some of that, though I'm going to withhold photos of their costumes until after Halloween night (it seems only right).

(Thanks to the venerable J. Grant Burke for these awesome pumpkin photos.)

As I said on instagram, I love how Molly is bracing herself in this one (a learned survival skill, at this point):

This almost perfectly captures my wild girl...
 And my darling little Molly Wolly...

I saw someone (male) say on facebook that pumpkins and babies are like "mommy crack." Over the past few weeks, my social media feeds have definitely reflected this. And here I am, contributing to it.

On an unrelated note, we took our bi-weekly trip to Costco (when our biweekly grocery budget renews), and I wanna shout out to those double carts. SO FUN! Juliette holding the cheese, of course.

Crazy about these cuties.

Notes: Molly's headband is from my fave new-to-me headband shop, bloomies handmade. And their little peplum jackets are from baby Gap (Molly's here but Jules' isn't on the website anymore). So cute. Oh! And I am crazy over my Robeez mocs find on Amazon for Molly. They're even lined with fleece!

Love for Little Sister

Monday, October 21, 2013

Thank you so much for the kind comments/emails/texts I've received since my recent complain-y post. Sorta like going to the bathroom at a restaurant to make the food come (one of my favorite analogies), I wrote that post and now they've both started sleeping all night again! Hallelujah! (We had to put in some sleep training time, but right now, we're There. PTL.)

So I'll wish you happy Monday with the following montage (from one of my faves, the Earlybird IG filter)... What happened when we took some photos yesterday of the girls in their smocked pumpkin dresses (thanks, Grammy!).

Starts out innocently enough (if you're Jules)...

Oh wait, Molly is sitting next to me! I need to hug her...

Maybe a little tighter around her neck for good measure...

Wait, I probably need to wrestle her to the ground and lay on top of her (my default mode for some reason?)...

Mommy (and some discipline) to the rescue!

Yeah. We're working on "gentle hands"

This Is The Day

Friday, October 18, 2013

The perfect reminder for me this morning (we made this last night):

Psalm 118:24 - "This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

(She started out singing this for her new baby cousin, Jonah, but forgot exactly who it was for by the end, remembering Jonah's parents and Uncle Grant. hee hee.)

I Want to Blog but I Don't Want to Complain

Thursday, October 17, 2013

(Editor's note: I wrote this post 3 days ago and have been debating on whether or not to post it but here goes nothing.)

I was emailing today with my friend Kristen, who asked me what was new and why haven't you been blogging lately?

And I told her, I want to blog but I don't want to complain. Light bulb! the perfect post title.

I've been trying to formulate this catch-up post in my head about what's been going on lately, but the spare seconds I have to do such have been spent staring at the back of my eyelids. I hesitate to even write this next sentence because duh, everyone is, but the truth is... I'm just plain tired.

Neither of my children have been sleeping well lately, which is a real bummer. Molly was sort of late on the sleep-through-the-night scene (even though it was manageable for so long), but we were getting really close to There, with had one glorious night of 12 hours' sleep (her first ever), and then bam. Back to square one, thanks to a pesky cough. Jules Jerkins, my sleep-loving baby, has been really going through it lately. If I'm honest, it's been several months of "going through it." Bedtime has become such an ordeal, and nighttime wakings are expected. Some of this is probably (obviously) related to taking away her paci a few weeks ago. All I know is, we have GOT to make a change and figure this out. It will most likely involve a good amount of crying, I imagine. I have just been praying over their little bodies every night...for restorative sleep for all of us, security in their surroundings and in us as their parents (and ultimately, the Father).

I just do not function well on 4-5 hours/sleep. I wish I did (SO BAD! SO SO BAD!). Household chores are suffering, meal planning is haphazard at best, and we are trying to put energy into keeping up with our D.R. budget. I feel like I have no time to read, no time to blog, no desire to bake (a usual hobby)...peaceful home recreation time is sparse when my oldest does not get to sleep until 9 PM, and I need to deal with pumping/bottle-making, etc. before bed. And I'm trying to not be too hard on myself, because duh, I have two little children and work a long day outside the home.

See? Complaining? No one wants to come here for this. But it's life.

On the other hand, our family foursome is having more fun than ever. Molly is sitting up, crawling, and even pulled up a few nights ago. She is more engaged with Jules than ever before! Juliette is just enthralling us with her comprehension, her sentences, her memory, her singing!  It's just really so FUN being together, despite the bleary-eyed afternoons! We have had lots of time with Daddy this month, which is always welcome and treasured.

As Jonathan's journey is entering the end of phase 2, I have been really thinking on what I want to be when I grow up. Phase 3 may potentially take us to a whole new city, a place where I would have a fresh start to possibly pursue whatever it is I want to really be (even if it's a full-time mom). I'm thinking and praying on these things, and trying to not let seeds of self-doubt and self-deprecation cloud my judgment in discerning what it is I was put on this earth to do.

With that, I say happy Thursday! (We got a new nephew yesterday! There is nothing in this world like the day a baby is born.)

The thing that happened this week...

Thursday, October 03, 2013

This post is about breast milk. If you don't want to read it, no skin off my nose, feel totally free to move along...

I'll start at the very beginning, because for some reason I feel the need to set up these types of stories with as much context as possible, so here goes.

As I mentioned in my last post, we've been doing more shopping at Costco, in an effort to (affordably) make a transition to eating as much "real food" as possible... needless to say, my freezer has been full. Very full. We have one of those "regular" white refrigerators that came with the house (something like this, if you need a visual). Amidst the giant bags of frozen strawberries and tilapia are wedged the current "fruits of my labor" if you will-- the ubiquitous 5 oz. bags of liquid gold. Also as I think I've mentioned before, I outpace my little baby in what I pump during the week, so my frozen stash grows every couple of days (I realize this is lucky).

ANYWAY, Tuesday evening, we're getting home from work with the kiddos (simultaneously somehow), blah blah blah, wrangling bags and babies and getting Juliette to actually come inside, when I walk around the corner to the kitchen and see...

dun dun dun

THE FREEZER DOOR WAS OPEN. This innocent little tray of frozen baby food cubes I'd made had fallen out, along with something else I can't remember exactly, and opened the DOOR in the process!

I could not believe it. I immediately went to check out my bags of milk and yes...all of the ones I could access were completely thawed. My heart sank, as I knew once milk thawed there is a short window in which you can use it.

28 bags, people.

In case you're doing math, this is 140 ounces. Which is 17.5 8-ounce bottles. Yes. Weep with me.

It ended up that all was not completely lost...I shifted the milk I had pumped that day and put it into the freezer, and used the now-completely-thawed milk bags for Molly's daycare bottles the next two days. I read that if bags contain any ice shards they are still considered 'frozen' and thus can be refrozen (or technically I guess just re-completely-frozen), and luckily most of the bags buried toward the back still had significant frozen chunks.

Thankfully, I have a stash in both my mom's freezer and my sister's freezer so all would not have been completely lost. I had relocated it because of storage constraints, but oh I am so thankful I did. Safety net indeed.

So yeah...that happened. Ouch.
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