Dining Room Curtains and TGIF

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday, amigos!
uh, what are you doing there, Ma?

For the four of you who are into this topic, we finally hung our dining room curtains. I purchased the fabric for these puppies in January of 2012. Yes, you read that right. The fabric sat in my closet for a year before I decided to make completing this project a goal of maternity leave (have the fabric made into curtains and then hung). We're only 3 months behind the goal, but lookie, they're D.O.N.E.! (Btw...Many thanks to my dear friend Laura for coordinating having these made.)

Here's a blurry/messy/crooked/terrible/awful nighttime Before pic, but I'm posting it anyway because it makes the After look that much more glamorous!

 (If you want to see more before-befores of the room, here's a post that shows the room in its original Professor Plum glory.)

Aaaaaaand the after...

I got this fabric at a local fabric store in the remnant section, and it cost the EXACT amount of the gift certificate I had gotten (thank you, Mommy)! How fortuitous is that? This photo was taken when I had backed all the chairs out of the room for the birthday party/to vacuum, but we DO have chairs!

I just love and NEVER ceased to be amazed at how curtains completely change a room. It is really mind-boggling. We have always loved this big window overlooking our backyard, and for me, these curtains just accentuate it, and bring some much-appreciated color on the scene.

File that one under Stuff That Took Forever! But yippee nonetheless.

Because I can't help it, here's my big 2-year-old riding her new trike. Daddy is looking very cool and my subjects are blurry, but just LOOK at how proud she is riding that thing! I just love it. She can pedal a little too, while you're pushing her. 

Broken record of the internet right now, but I'm SO excited for fall and more family strolls (before Daylight Savings comes to smack us around).

Looking forward to some concentrated time with my little bunny foo-foos/main squeeze this weekend...

Hope yours is great too!

Juliette at 2

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Daily there are things she does/says that cause me to think, "I want to remember this forever."

I will probably continue to edit this post as I think of them, but here a few off the top of my head:

  • She says "hold you" instead of "hold me." Like, "Mommy, hold you!" We cannot bring ourselves to correct her on this.
  • She still says "dee" instead of "yes." Another phrase I am not yet ready to outgrow. She knows how to say yes, and what it means, but default is still "dee." I'm sorry, but this is the best. Sometimes when she is trying to be fancy, she'll say, "dee, yessir."
  • The Friday before her birthday, we went to the dollar store, just the 2 of us, to get some party supplies. We were strolling down the aisle, Juliette in the cart, and she kept looking side to side and saying, "Hmmm...what else?"
  • Hates wearing bows, ponytails, etc. Aunt Martha got her some sparkly hairbands for her birthday that have been marginally more successful; but in general, she likes her hair natural and free (ha)
  • Loves "makeups" eg, chapstick...loves smearing on her lips and then dipping her finger into the tube for more. Lovely.
  • Loves playing "blocks" and "ball" - she's actually pretty good at throwing. Not into babydolls at all, but loves her new Woody doll. She has been falling asleep at night pulling his pull-string. She will even make this motion on her back like she wants to pull her own string. Ha! One of my favorite memories from her birthday party was when she opened Woody and started pulling his string, she was so excited, she would look at us and say excitedly, "hear it?? hear it??"
  • She has a startlingly wonderful memory. Better than ours apparently, because we forget this sometimes.
  • She loves "cookin'" and will start scooting over the chair to the island whenever I am standing there seeming like I'm about to start something. See this post. 
  • Her favorite songs are "I Love Rock 'n Roll," "The Lonely Goatherd," "Do Re Mi," "ABC" (Jackson 5 version and regular version), "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)," "Rise 'n Shine," and the Sesame Street theme song.

The above photo was taken by Juliette's uncle Stephen Jerkins in their beautiful backyard on our recent visit to Nashville. The dress was mine, given to me by my Granny who passed away recently. I had my two-year-old picture taken in it. A framed version of that picture always hung in Granny's bedroom, wherever she lived. As soon as I knew I was pregnant with a girl, my granny always talked about how she wanted a picture of Juliette in this dress at age 2. Sadly, she missed seeing it by several months, but I am so glad we'll have it as a reminder of her (and, it's cute).

I love this darling girl. She has changed my life.

in case you missed it: Juliette's birthday video

2014 One Page Calendar

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Early bird alert!

I've now found this thing to be indispensable when trying to plan things ahead of time. My calendar-thinking brain wants to have this available at the ready, oh starting around July the year before.

Also, I've found a wayyyyyy better way to link to this thing for you all! Thanks to my friend Hannah, who basically just googled it for me when I asked if she knew a better way to post PDFs. Uh yeah, I've heard of lmgtfy.com. Oops.

Just click on the link, and it should take you to Google Drive and you can print it from there. Duh! So easy.

2014 One Page Calendar - Color

Aaaand the black & white version should you need it: 2014 One Page Calendar - Black and White

Here's a visual on this year's version:

If you need help, have questions, or just want it emailed, my contact info is on the sidebar. May 30 is the big day for us next year...my husband GRADUATES! (I need to do a post on all that soon. Plus other bloggy things to catch up on, like birthday parties and second children.)

Doing what I can since 2011...

**UPDATE** We have designed 2014 Day Planners that you can see and purchase HERE if you're interested. Spiral-bound, weekly spreads, laminated cover, cute. Go fer it.

She's 2!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I will share more photos from the party in a proper post, but in the meantime, here's a little video my One & Only put together (he is so good).

Juliette's 2nd Birthday from Jonathan Jerkins on Vimeo.

What a fun day it was!

I'm One of Those People...

Thursday, August 08, 2013

I know, this is a pretty generic postpartum blog post topic, but I'm going ahead and writing it because I need to read it as much (if not more than anyone). The topic: nursing and leftover lumpiness after baby.

Not sure I've written much specifically about nursing in the past but here goes. I realize I've been a lucky mommy that for both of my babies, breastfeeding has been a successful/non-stressful endeavor and actually one of my (many) great and favorite blessings of having children thus far. I cherish the one-on-one time with my babies, and marvel that my body can produce exactly what they need to grow and thrive. How incredible.

To take it a step further, I realize I'm even luckier that despite working full-time and pumping during the day 5 days out of the week, I have a very good (over?)supply and can keep up with the baby actually outpace what the baby needs most days. The blessings in this regard continue: when Juliette was seriously ill and in the hospital for 14 days at 4 months old, I was able to pump the entire time and we resumed nursing successfully as she got well. I was supremely thankful and we had 6 more months of this time together.

When I step back and type this all out, I'm like, Duh. You are lucky. This is an awesome time in life with you and your baby. A time to bond and be close and sustain her like no one else can. Think of the spiritual parallels! Enjoy it. Etc.

Day-to-day? My vanity takes a beating. There's obviously a lesson in there somewhere about dying to self (it's not about me, again, uh).

Re: the title above, I think I'm one of those people who hangs on to their post-baby "lumpiness"  while breastfeeding. Sweet. It just taaaakes me a while, people. Here we are, 5 months (!) after the fact, and I'm still looking like the baby's exit wasn't too long ago. I've been doing C25K 3 times/week, diligently (no kidding, and loving it). I've been (mostly) doing weight watchers (extra points while nursing) for several months. Here's the thing though, friends...I'm just hungry (and thirsty). I dare say the first few weeks post-baby is the hungriest I get in the entire grow-a-baby-have-a-baby cycle.

ANYWAY. This is just a post to say I need to step back, take a chill pill on the slowwwwwwwwwwness of the weight loss, and just be extra proud of and thankful for nursing Molly for now.

If you're also "one of those" that holds on to the extra while nursing, be proud of what you're doing for your baby! Cherish the sweet moments together since they're gone in a flash! You are sustaining a human life. It's really incredible.

23 Months and Ready

Monday, August 05, 2013

She's turning 2 on Saturday.

(This whole month, I've been reveling in thoughts of little Leslie at this 23 months, the age I became a big sister. What a great big sister Juliette is becoming!)

I'm ready for her to turn 2. My heart aches to think of my baby as a whole two years old, but I don't wish it away. I love this version of her so much. The past 6 weeks or so, her maturity has just exploded. She speaks in little sentences regularly, her comprehension of what we are saying is mind-blowing, and her memory stops me in my tracks often. She will go and fetch things for us if we ask!

Our day school has an open house every summer, so the parents can meet the teachers from the new rooms (today is the first day of the new "school year" btw). I was talking with Juliette's new teacher and asking about the age range in this room---there will be 16 kiddos total (up from 11 this past year), ranging from late July-early November birthdays. Her past rooms have had 8 weeks-ish type age ranges, so they've all been really close. Anyway, the teacher was telling me how she is glad that they're all a little closer in age than what she had this past year so they can just all "go on and turn 2...let's just do it."

I hadn't heard anyone refer to this birthday in that way, but as I've thought about it more, I guess I can see what she means. Once you're 2, gone are the days of referring to them as x number of months. You're just "2." Development is still explosive, though perhaps not quite so much so. Infancy and babydom are done. Toddlerhood is 100% here. "Let's just do it!"

And she's ready.

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