On Returning to Work

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I don't write much, if anything, about my day job on here, in the interest of professionalism and keeping things on the world wide internet on the up-and-up and all that.

But actually, I really love my job...I work in marketing, for a local commercial real estate company. It's been a really great fit for me, and something I've been able to find passion in.

This being my second time returning to full-time work after birthing a precious baby girl, I thought it might be easier... but alas. Because you see, this little face and I have been inseparable for the past 12 weeks...

(does she look like her daddy or what?) 

Such a mixture of emotions I felt this morning...I loved getting up, getting dressed, putting on makeup and having somewhere to be. I love being able to go somewhere that supports our family, especially while Daddy is in school.

But, like I said...THIS FACE! Look at it! I missed her today of course, but tearing me up even more was the thought of her missing me and being confused about where she was. But she had a great report this evening when I picked her up, and was happily sitting and waiting, with an instant smile for me.

My mom keeps reminding me how resilient babies are. Surely today was the toughest day, and she won't even remember it. I KNOW all this because we've done it before (c'mon Leslie). My Juliette is one of the happiest kiddos I know.

It was weird last week, my last week on leave, knowing that "real life" was starting again last week, and the time off would seem like such a dreamy haze so quickly. I will definitely cherish my time with her all the more, as I do/did with her big sissy.

Molly's Birth Announcement

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Been meaning to share this for a while... I was actually really on the ball with this one. It was completely designed and ready before Molly was born, just waiting for a photo and her birth details!

I asked my good friend Andrea Ballenger, who did artwork for the nursery and Juliette's big girl room, to do the watercolored nametag for me. The original hangs in Molly's nursery now. Thank you, Andrea! You completely captured my vision.

I just love how it turned out! Jonathan took the photo.

We actually got them in the mail 2 weeks after she was born! I surprised even myself.

Molly Frances // Two Months Old

Saturday, May 18, 2013

two months
May 8, 2013

Molly Wolly,

You are 2 months old! This is pure insanity. You are turning into a cuddly, roly poly little baby with a double chin who is starting to coo at us. It is magic.

molly 3

molly 1
This month, you made a big stride in the sleeping department, stretching out to a nightly 7-hour run. Hooray! You go down around 8:30 and sleep until about 3:30. After that, it's a little willy-nilly. You're also settling into good naps, taking a morning nap and a long afternoon nap (usually around 3 hours!).

The passing of your dear great-Granny took us on a whirlwind tour of Texas, and you did GREAT (you and your sissy both)! Almost 1,600 miles we went in the car, and we made it.

molly 2
(picture the above, but with Mommy between you guys mostly...it was an interesting ride!)

Here you are sweetly sleeping in your pack-n-play...

molly 7
I love watching you and your long eyelashes sleep:

molly 6
On our Texas trip, you got to meet two of your great-grandparents!

Grandaddy in Houston:

molly 8
Grandma in Dallas:

molly 4

Our Memphis Grizzlies have been tearing it up in the Playoffs this month...here's our family composite, by Daddy. Your face is too precious!

Jerkins Grizz

Me and my little buddy:

***Your stats: at two months old, you are 12 lb 2 oz, and 24 inches long (75th and 95th percentiles, respectively). You are a tall drink of water! Look how long!

You wear size 1 diapers, and 0-3 month clothing (though I am sneaking you in a few 3-6 month things already).

You have the sweetest little disposition! If fed and dry, you are mostly just content to sit and pleasantly enjoy being with everybody. You love being held up on our shoulders, earning you the affectionate nickname of "little gargoyle."

One thing that does plague us a little bit is your spitting-up. My lands, child! It is crazy! It no longer seems to really bother you that much, but boy can you spit up! Just when we think you're done, you'll show us we were wrong! LOTS of laundry for Mommy! Because of this, you still nurse frequently during the day, in smaller amounts, so you don't get too overloaded. We'll see how this goes when you start "school."

Your trademark pouf is still going strong and very popular. No one can resist touching it if given the chance. Even this sweet teenage boy at church the other day went in for a pat.

Your sister loves you dearly already, and her "hugs" have gotten way more gentle, though she still asks you for high fives on the regular. She loves to hug you whenever she gets a chance, and loves to greet you in the mornings when she wakes up. I cannot wait to watch the adventures you two will have together!

We are just crazy about you, little precious! I will miss my sweet little sidekick when I return to work in a week and a half. I love you to the moon and back!


Sunday, May 05, 2013

My sweet and precious Granny went to meet Jesus last Sunday, April 28, 2013, peacefully in her sleep. She wasn't sick, she wasn't in the hospital, there was nothing "wrong." She was 92 years old, had lived a full life, and was just ready to go meet her Lord and my grandad.

But I will definitely miss her!

(this was taken just two weeks before Molly was born, her first and only trip to Muddy's)

My mind has only really just begun to realize what a void she will leave behind. Granny moved from Waco, Texas (my dad's hometown) to Memphis in 1999, to be closer to us and my uncle's family, who also lived in Memphis. 

circa 1986, with cousin Whitney (left), sister, and me on the right

Like she always did, Granny rose to the occasion, and quickly made friends in her condo building. After growing up without any grandparents in town, it was such a treat to be able to see Granny so often, and at every birthday celebration, every holiday. We made her famous sugar cookies together one year (or she made cookies, the perfectionist she was!) for Christmas, she knitted baby blankets for many of our dear friends, she embroidered blankets. She was talented at handiwork and loved to keep busy. She loved crossword puzzles, games (especially Skip-Bo and Rummikub), and was a great bridge player (so I hear--I don't play bridge). 

 Easter 2012

Over the past 10-12 months or so, we'd been eating lunch every Tuesday. She moved into an assisted living community (thrilled to be relieved of coming up with meals for herself), and her new place was very close to my office. I was able to pick her up and take her to lunch, and we both really cherished this time together. A natural planner and perfectionist, she always wanted to know what was ahead. As soon as I'd pick her up, before we were even to the car, she'd ask me where we were going (and then if I knew how to get there!). We burned up the lunch spots around Poplar/240, and had fun doing it. 

It was fun going through this whole pregnancy eating with her every week. She was at Juliette's birthday party when we announced to the family baby #2 was coming. I sat down next to her to get her take on the whole thing after the hubbub of the announcement died down. She didn't hear very well in the last years of her life, so I didn't know if she had understood what was happening (Juliette's first gift to unwrap was a "Big Sis" shirt). I said, "Well Granny, what do you think? Did you see Juliette's shirt?"  She so sweetly said, "Well, wouldn't that be so exciting?"  She was very excited when I explained that it was actually happening. :)

My Granny Fran with Molly Frances

I am just so humbled and grateful that she was here to meet her little namesake great-granddaughter. There were so many blessings... she'd gotten to see Molly several times. Jonathan took the most precious video of her (she didn't know he was filming and was just speaking freely). AND best of all, Martha, Molly, and I had just eaten lunch with her the Thursday before she died. I am so so glad. 

The morning we got the news, I was sitting in the nursing mothers room at church, and I had some precious alone time to cry and just thank God for her and her life. His kindnesses to me, especially lately, were just running over and over in my mind...He gave me several opportunities to be with her in her last months without me even really going out of my way.

Christmas 1984 (?)

Guessing here...summer 1985

November 12, 1991

One of my favorite photos...

Granny was buried in Waco on Thursday of this week. It was a lovely service at Waco Memorial Park on an uncharacteristically blustery day (48 degrees in Waco on May 2? Winds of 30 mph?). 

I'm glad we were able to pack up our littles and trek over to honor Granny and her wonderful long life. We took the opportunity to "tour" Texas and visit other grandparents and family while here. Let's just say, we have driven many hours (Memphis-->Waco-->Houston-->Dallas). The babies have really done great! Are we crazy? I painted my nails gold the other night to cope. 

I'll miss you, Granny! I am so thankful to have many wonderful memories.
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