Thursday, February 28, 2013

...these last days as a family of 3. Every morning, we've woken up and there's no [new] baby... but here, there's this darling toddler bursting with new words, new concepts, new abilities, something always new...I try to take pause, staring her in the face, taking in who she is at this very second because I know the day will come when I can't imagine it was just her and us.

She's loving getting pigtails in for school (maybe because she gets to watch a Cookie Monster song or video on the computer while I do them?)

Things I want to remember about Juliette at 18 months old:

- Every single one of her words and exactly how they sound! (oh how I wish this was possible, to have a record of each). From play-dough ("peee-dough") to Cookie ("too-kee") that little voice is just the sweetest sound. You should hear her say "cereal"....more like "sher-ral."
- How much she loves the bedtime trifecta of DeeDee, lovey, and paci.
- Favorite video right now is "A-choo" (Sesame Street episode about Snuffy being allergic to Big Bird's dust bath)
- Pushing things around in the laundry basket that she collects from all over the house
- She looooooves to go "ou-side!"
- Asking if people are "a wok" (at work)...Mommy, Daddy, Uncle T
- Saying her name! I know it's a toughie! "Jee-jette" and can say "Jules" too
- Assigning objects to people, "Mommy's sock," "Daddy's shirt," "Jee-Jette's shoe"
- Loves taking baths and showers, and asks for "bubbles!"
- She loves the songs "Happy & You Know It," "You Are My Sunshine," "Umbrella" (yes by Rihanna), "Wheels on the Bus," "Jesus Loves Me," "Ring Around the Rosy" (loves to fall down), and we have been training (yes, training) with the Sound of Music soundtrack, as well as a few songs from Mary Poppins (always asks for "mo" /more when they're over).
- Favorite foods right now? I'd have to say spaghetti. Lilly's mommy brought us some spaghetti a few nights ago, and she wolfed it down two nights in a row. She likes pizza but I don't know if it's the pizza itself or saying the word "pee-zhaaa" that is more fun.

I love this girl to pieces. We have been telling her that baby sister is in Mommy's belly, and I think they talk about it at school a lot, too. She is really good at saying the baby's name. However, she does not "get" that a baby sister is coming our way...she still thinks there's a baby in her belly over half the time, or in Daddy's...but I absolutely cannot wait to see her meet the new baby. I wonder if she will connect the dots?


I have (of course) been thinking a lot lately about the antsy-ness that comes in the final weeks of pregnancy. Most of it may be from physical discomfort, yes, but also it's knowing that a life-changing event is right around the corner, so close you can almost taste it. Add to this the surprise element (when will this happen?! it could be any minute) and it's hard not to be a little jumpy and excited!

But I've also been thinking about how this story, the upcoming story of our baby's birth, is going to be written in just the snap of my fingers. Once the events start to unfold, she'll be here before we know it and the anticipation of the how and the when will be over. It's helping me not to wish away these last days too too much, knowing that soon and very soon, it'll all be in the rear-view mirror, tidied up and known...the story of a birth. I don't want to take any of it for granted.

My Girl

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The days of having one "my girl" are quickly drawing to a close.

She's 18 months old and delightful.

A dear friend had told me about the weeks before her second daughter came along...how she got all emotional for her older daughter, losing her baby status...it's a very complicated thing to feel, and I couldn't have really anticipated it fully, before now.

I know logically that this little sister will be maybe the best gift we could ever give Juliette. I am not worried about falling in love with this baby, loving her as much as I love Juliette, or any of that really... I just feel sort of guilty for tossing this still-so-baby Jules into a completely different life that she has no way of being prepared for (or even understanding at all!). I am emotional over our "last such-and-suches" as just the two of us (or three of us, with Daddy). Things will never, ever be the same. I know that somehow, in an instant, it will be alright. It will be more than alright...it will be the best, better than we could've imagined. I am anticipating this to be one of the mysterious ways God equips and blesses us as mommies, opening our hearts in inexplicable ways for more than one child.

But it's still making me all weepy and stuff.

(Aren't these little piggies/ponytails just killing you?)

She loves donut holes. I mean, who doesn't?

Post-its to Print for Your Love

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I found these on a blog I like, How About Orange, and printed them out yesterday. Then last night, after Jonny was in bed, I crept around and put them places he'd see them first thing this morning like the milk carton, toothbrush holder, etc. (he's been having to get up very early these days).

A fun little unexpected Valentine surprise for your love!  Happy Valentine's Day

Big Girl Bed for a "Big Girl"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

She's still my baby...but there she sits in her new (full-sized!) bed, with slicked-back bath hair.

She's completed over a full week's worth of nights in the new room/ new bed, and it's gone really well, thank goodness. She has not tried to climb out one time (my main concern), and has slept through the night each night.

Some nights, it's taken her longer to get settled than other nights (one night, over an hour), some mornings have been eeeearly mornings (eeesh), but she has not been upset at all or seemed confused by the new set-up in the least (PTL!). And really, since it's a full-sized bed, with two rails, it's almost like a crib when she sleeps sideways! She likes the pillows ("pehw-wohs"), and, along with the trifecta of DeeDee (the pink mouse pictured) the lovey and the paci, has slept really really well. She has not asked to get in her crib once.

We were deliberate about a few things (thanks in part to the wisdom of our wonderful pediatrician):

  • We "disassembled" the crib the day of the official switch, so it wasn't sitting in her old room, begging to be used. This mainly just involved taking off all the sheets/bumper and propping the mattress up over the rail.
  • We rearranged the furniture in the nursery, so it wasn't the same exact set-up as it was when it was her room. I also finished moving all of her toys and most of the books (except baby ones and duplicates) into her new room the day of the move. There is really nothing significant of hers (ie, things she absolutely loves to play with or read) in the nursery anymore.
  • We let her take 2 weekends' worth of naps (4 naps total) before making the switch at on a Sunday night....this way we weren't asking her to do anything she hadn't done before (fall asleep in the new room/new bed) for a whole night. 
  • The two or so weeks before we moved her into the new room, we read books on the new bed at bedtime, to sort of establish a routine of going in there after bath. 
I am in NO way claiming to be an expert on any of this, just sharing what we did. I fully believe Juliette herself deserves all the credit for handling this big change in the amazing way that she has. I can see easily where this could be a really difficult transition from many angles, especially for an 18 month old.

Why did we do this? I set my mind on trying this so early with her (and it really was a try) for two reasons: one, because she's been napping on a mat 5 days/week since 11 months old, and two, because Juliette's temperament has proven fairly adaptable to changes in routine, e.g., the changes they've worked on at day care--napping on a mat, no paci during nap, cups instead of bottles, etc. Obviously, all transition times vary from kid to kid! (I'm sure we have a steep learning curve ahead of us when we discover our second baby isn't an exact behavioral replica of our first?? Ha ha, laugh ye wiser parents of multiple kids.)

Side note: we intentionally let her keep the paci through this big change, and definitely will do so through the baby's arrival (an even bigger change!), though she only gets it at night and while in her bed. That transition will take some prayer on its own, my goodness. I am predicting we'll have more difficulty with that than with the bed (she loves her some "pah-cee").

As for her new room, I am excited to share photos of it, but we have run into a snag with the curtains, and I definitely want to wait to share after those are in place. Imagine: hormonal 8+ mos pregnant lady dealing with rude JoAnn workers and defunct coupons. Not pretty.

Tick tock (pass the rice crispy treats)! 

Lovin' You Lots & Lots

Friday, February 08, 2013

Jonathan and I both got iPhone 4Ss right around the time they came out (a little over a year ago?). If you remember, these were the ones with a major upgrade in the camera department (I know, I know, the 5 is even better). I was so excited to ditch my 3S and take non-fuzzy/respectable photos of my then-5-month-old. Because, let's be honest, the greatest in-the-moment photos are taken with our phones these days.

We were also excited because the video quality was so much better. Yay, we thought...good video of our kiddo (we never got a flip cam, as I talked about before). What we didn't take into account, me especially, was running out of memory on our phones. The more "awesome" photos and videos we took of our little chick, the less room there was. This resulted in being able to capture 20-30 second clips, tops. So eh, not much footage when you really think about it.

When baby #2's impending arrival became obvious, my dear husband started researching other video camera options. Should we just get a video camera that does just video? A flip cam? Or another camera-camera with video capability? Coinciding with this research project was Project Junk Guest Room Clean-Out, in which we cleaned out both of our closets (and consolidated), along with a bunch of other stuff. My dad's motto has always been "convert to cash," which is what we were able to do with a lot of our unused/cleaned-out guest room finds (think old electronics, Polo shirts, etc). With Jonny's e-Bay store going strong right after Christmas, we were able to pool together the profits and some Christmas $, and purchase a new DSLR camera with HD video capability.

That might be the longest introduction ever (sorry!) for this little music video that Jonathan made of our gal... his first foray into video editing (thanks to iMovie), and first project made possible by our new camera. I'm so excited to have this treasure in the Jerkins Family Vault and share it with you...and remember Jules exactly as she was around 17 months old (minus the goofy pregnant Mommy dancing clip, bleh). 

Great job, Daddy! 

p.s. That Thing You Do! is one of our all-time favorite movies. Isn't is so great?

It's February

Friday, February 01, 2013

We could have a baby in February.

I don't think I'd mind.

In other news: Ingredients for rice crispy treats have been purchased. It's come to this.

Also, I posted this on instagram earlier this week, but we are making some progress in Jules' big girl room.

This little dresser was purchased almost 5 years ago at an estate sale, for a potential someday-spot in a little girl's room. Exciting that the time has come!

Giraffe was a Christmas gift. Thanks, Oliver!

More on the room(s) to come. Happy weekend!
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