14 months+ and Things in My Brain

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sorry for the pause! I get home at night and do not want to sit at a computer any more. You know?

Our little bird loves to yammer! She tries to repeat mostthings we say to her (and if she doesn't want to try, she just giggles). We made a list of all the words she can say theother day and are adding to it daily (over 20!).  My new favorite of hers is “yellow” whichcomes out like “lellohh.”  She can alsosay 4 of her friends’ names in her class and identify them: Jack, Cole, Annie,and Natalie.


Another word we were delighted by was “doct-or”—clear as abell. She said it while I was reading her “Corduroy Goes to the Doctor”(thanks, Dolly), but unfortunately since the doctor in the book is a teddy bear,she now thinks that bears and particularly rotund monkeys are “doct-ors.”

The little gal can point to her ears, nose, and bellybutton.She knows that the words “empty,” “gone,” “all done,” and “the end” all meanabout the same thing and does the one-handed sign for “all done” whenever wesay any of these phrases, or whenever something is empty or finished.

Juliette still looooves babies, images of babies, referencesto babies, pointing at Mommy's belly and saying “beebee”—in fact, during an announcement at church last weekwhen there was a picture of a baby on the screen, she yelled excitedly “beebeee!!!!!!!”(yes, it garnered a little chuckle from the congregation). A “baby” is anychild under the age of 4-5, I would estimate, applying to live children and to the characters inthe books she loves to read. In fact, if we ever need her to smile for a photo, we'll say "Juliette, can you say baby?" Works like a charm.

photo 3

Speaking of reading, when she wants you to read her a book(still her favorite thing to “play” with at the moment), she will get the book and thenstart backing up into your lap, no matter how far away you are. Our favoritebook to read to her is “Where’s Spot?” because on every page, “is he in the closet/underthe stairs/behind the door?” she will excitedly reply “nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!”

photo 2
(pardon the laundry)

A bit early for this, but we couldn't resist trying out the piggies!

photo 4

No bigger fan of this you will find in all the land than the child's daddy.  :)

On the house front, there is nothing to report. As in, we've done nothing in the way of new baby prep. Well, that’s not true, I cleaned outmy closet. Other than that, we have done nothing. Jules is going to move intothe guest room/”big girl” room that the little sissies will hopefully sharebefore too long, and the nursery is staying largely the same (we mightrearrange the furniture and change out some art). The guest room is the finalroom in our house that has not been painted (besides the guest bathroom). We’llsee how that one goes over.

Also, we've had yellow paint samples on our front door forabout 3 weeks now (only like 5 years after I posted this), but no movementsince. How we roll, I guess. One of these days! 

photo 1

Has anyone bought the new Yoplait “Simplait” ? Intrigued bythe clever name and fresh package design, I bought a couple of cartons andthink it’s tasty. I do not, however, think the “6 simple ingredients” are allthat simple. For example, what is "Natural Flavor" ???

I'm feeling pretty good overall, got a tad sick last weekend and I battle the heartburn a bit, but otherwise, feeling great and expanding likewise. We're heading to Arkansas this weekend for a fall bean festival...yes, I said bean and I will expound more on that next week. The weather promises to cool down accordingly (it's been been mid- 80s all week, yuck), and I absolutely cannot wait for fires, cider, and scarves to truly be here to stay!


Friday, October 12, 2012

That's what I am !


After our ultrasound, me and my new GAL's first photo together! ....


That little baby was hilarious during our ultrasound. She had her feet all the way over her head, and the umbilical cord was between her legs. She did not want to show us her true colors for quite a little while, and then Mrs Vicki won the day, and with a little smile and chuckle, "Oh! I know what it is. You ready?"
We said yes yes!
"It's another little girl."

Jonathan and I looked at each other and laughed, happy and excited, not knowing exactly what's ahead.

SISTERS! In our house!

Here's some of our fam last night, in front of some out-of-town sibs on the computer, about to share the news. (this photo is funny--my dad on twitter, me doing the after-work Ugg deal for cold feet with closed eyes, and everyone kinda waiting semi-patiently).


I tried whispering "Baby Sister" and "Baby Girl" or just "sister"/"girl" in Juliette's ear to see if she would repeat it or anything akin to it (she's been doing well lately trying to say new words)--hoping that her version would be hilariously cute and simultaneously obvious to all.

The Moment to Remember Award goes to Jules' cousin, little baby Reason, who burst into tears right after I finally said "It's a girl!"  Like, really. Right after. Poor guy is a lone wolf in a sea of girl cousins (thus far)!

Well, she would only say "Baby" (one of her very favorite words), which sounds more like "Beebee."

We don't have any names picked out yet, but a few on the table. Names are H-A-R-D! But that's another post for another day.

Girl mom, here we come!

Today is a Day

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today we (hopefully) find out what our family is going to be like. I know, I have small expectations right?

Let me explain. I’ve formed this hypothesis that maybe one of the only things that seems like a bigger deal about having your second baby is finding out its gender (whether that be during gestation or at birth). The first baby is all new, and yes it’s a boy or a girl, but the parents still outnumber him/her 2:1, and the “girl” stuff or “boy” stuff hasn’t really completely taken over your house yet. Because still, the adults outnumber the kiddos and it’s one kid (be that kid little or larger) with one kid’s stuff—which can, granted, be a lot of stuff, but our general adult/family stuff still outnumbers Juliette’s stuff by a large margin. Is this making any sense?

With the second one, you have (obvious) chance for a repeat gender of your older child. Thus, will you become “the girl house” with requisite Barbies and pink spraying out from every corner? Or maybe you will be the “boy house” and thus become a “mommy of boys” and get to complain/remark on the mountains of stained clothes and sports gear that will take over your house? OR even maybe you will get one of each, a balanced house per-se, spurring on inevitable question, “Now that you have one of each, are you ‘done’?”

So you see? In this way, the gender of your second baby determines a lot. What will the tenor of our family be? Will we battle double doses of girl-drama and deal with American Girl dolls, or will we have a little brother-sister companion group to balance out the gender teams at our house? Having a sissy so close in age to me has been an enormous blessing in innumerable ways—I cannot help but wish this same thing for Juliette. BUT at the same time, I love my brother, and I know a little guy would bring such a new and exciting element to our house, and this definitely piques my interest too.

It truly is a win-win! More than anything, of course, we are hoping for a healthy baby. With all of the acrobatics I am blessed to feel daily, I am excited to be able to see on a screen and have confirmed by the doctor that everything is going alright in there. And, at the end of today, I feel like we will know our little baby a little bit better! Or as Jonathan says, “it will really feel real” (for him, I guess that's true! ha!).

Stay tuned! I'm not venturing to guess either way.

Juliette: 1 Year Photos, by Stephen

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

September completely escaped before I had the chance to share the photos that Jonathan's enormously talented brother Stephen Jerkins captured for us early in the month. We jaunted up to Nashville for a visit (getting to see our precious nephew too!) and a photo shoot with our busy bee one-year-old.

She was two days shy of 13 months in these photos, so I'm sticking to my "one year photos" label. We had a lovely time in Franklin, Tennessee, at the park there and at Amanda's former school O'More College of Design (where the porch photos were taken). The weather had just cooled down for the first time that very day, and the light was lovely. I believe these photos are really the perfect snapshot of Jules' personality at that moment.

I'm not going to even apologize for the quantity of photos in this post because a) I'm the mommy/it's my blog/blahblahblah and b) there are so many I just love. You will see that my (ahem, much-overdue) new blog header contains one of these photos too!

I would be remiss here without noting that despite Juliette being ALL over the place while we were taking these (as I imagine is the norm for a one-year-old? idk, it was my first time trying to take photos with a one-year-old), Stephen's patience and skill with the camera were the victors, I say!

Here goes!







Daddy got her this horsey for her birthday. That whole daddy/daughter + pony thing really isn't a myth, huh?









Oh, I will treasure these for always and ever. Thank you times a million, Steve!

Stephen is going to be in Memphis on Saturday, October 20, and has some time available for family shoots. If any of you Memphians are looking to get your family/little one(s)' photo made, take a look at the family gallery on his site, and find his contact info here.

Newborn photos by Stephen
8 Month photos by Stephen

Ode to a Redbud

Friday, October 05, 2012

When we first were looking at our house over two years ago, we were pleased to see a mature Redbud tree at the center of the backyard, nicely framing the patio.

At the time, it was nearing the end of its gorgeous purple early blooming cycle...

(photo by our friend Ellen Coleman)

While blooming, this tree fills the entire site line of my kitchen window, and I've spent many a time appreciating the purple splendor backdrop of the mundane chore of washing dishes.

Unfortunately, our "Redbuddy" as Jonathan calls him, has a fatal illness and a fatal injury.


Because of a split at the base, along with rot and borer damage, he is going to have to be removed soon.


We are very sad.

I'm glad I went a little crazy this past spring taking his photo, since it's the last time we will be able to see him bloom.

redbud6 by Ellen
(this one also by Ellen)

Besides the shade, maturity, and beauty of its blooms, we will also definitely be missing a place to hang our patio lights.


We're replacing it with a Yoshino Cherry, and hope to be able to watch it mature into the beautiful centerpiece that its predecessor was.

Farewell, Redbuddy. You will be missed.

It's Jonny's Birthday

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

It's Jonny's birthday...and we'd like to wish you all the very best!

Isn't he nice?

To my favorite companion, pal, dad, and love, I would like to wish him the very very best.

Ever since he turned 30 (and seeing as I am not yet 30--zing!), I just cannot seem to quit putting the new giant age-number on top of his birthday cake. Sorry, dear. It's just these blissful 6 months of the year when we're 4 years apart...they get to my head.

I'm thankful this handsome cat was born on this day, in 1980... after his mommy went into labor at a Barry Manilow concert (he was almost named Barry! ...If that one was on the baby name list, would it sort of be like we named a kid Jr.?).

Happy Birthday to my dearest love!
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