A Baby! A Baby! Another Little Baby!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

(Anyone else get the song from Pete's Dragon going in their head when any noun is stated...and then repeated? A dragon! A dragon! I swear I saw a dragon!)

So yes, we're expecting another little one and we're very excited (although as previously stated, this was not planned, per se)!

Juliette and "micro-baby" as we're calling him/her will be 19 months apart, and the way their birthdays fall, one grade apart in school, so it seems. We found out about a week after Jules turned 11 months, and although surprised, have enthusiastically grown into the idea of having another tiny one on the way. (Only one month between nursing and pregnancy, you better believe I pounded that caffeine in the interim.)

In fact, I might even go out on a limb and admit to you that the idea of another tiny one coming soon-ish is what helped me get through Juliette's birthday (otherwise, I potentially could have been a complete basket-case? Maybe).

Having said all of that, I am thankful this baby is not coming tomorrow. People have been asking if I'm "ready" for this...um, NOT YET? That's what the 9 months are for! Ha! I am very thankful for every single day of these 40 weeks and every single bit of growing and maturing Juliette will do during this time.

We find out in October if it's a boy or a girl and lemme tell you, we have zero names on either list. We'll cross that bridge once 50% of the list is eliminated for us by nature. Thank you, modern technology.

(I did have a dream last night that the baby was born and it was a girl but we didn't know it was a she beforehand, and they let us leave the hospital right after she was born but she didn't have a name. We were wandering around the house, calling the baby "little baby," completely lost and bewildered with no idea what to do. I'm taking this as a sign to definitely find out pink or blue ahead of time so this child has a name, or at least a few options.)

Hmmm....what else? I've been fairly queasy on a regular, all-day basis, but not too terrible-awful. Tired, of course.

We're humbled by this blessing, thankful to the Lord, and so excited about what's in store for our little band of Jerkins!

Juliette's 1st Birthday Party

Thursday, August 23, 2012

We are very blessed to have both of our families living in town with us. Thus, when we get our families in the same room, it is already 14 people! So, for this first-ever first birthday, we decided to stick with a family affair and it was a sweet time. You already saw the invitation.... sticking w/my giant red/white polka dot balloon idea (why is balloon so hard for me to spell?) and we had ourselves a little Sunday afternoon cake-and-ice-cream party!

Please note: it is my prerogative as a mommy (I think) to post way too many photos.

Elliot and Jules feeding some cupcake to their daddies...

Puzzle from Elliot that she loves!

The party room!  

Enjoying the balloons!

Elliot making her [adorable] "face"...

And the most fun part (or, one of the most fun parts)...was Jules opening this present.


She's thinking, why is everyone looking at me in stunned silence? 

Surprising (and exciting) all of us, Baby #2 headed our way around March 7, 2013!

This is Terrible

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I was FINALLY going to post Juliette's birthday party photos and the like but they have VANISHED from the Dropbox folder in which they were lovingly curated by my loving husband. So! Just had to break the silence here.

Today is Juliette's Birthday

Friday, August 10, 2012

Look at this little pipsqueak way back in ole 2011!


Now, look at my big gal this morning, on her big day!

Juliette_12mos 3

It's enough to make a person weepy and stuff.

Juliette_12mos 2

Life before this smile was a very different life...


We love you little butterbean! Happy happy 1st birthday.

Birthday Coming Up!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Oh hello, AUGUST! You're back!

Thusly, this is what my mind's been focused on....

Jules invite

It's a'comin' fast. My mind's been all birthday and all Olympics, which husband and I have been watching every single night. It's been so fun! (Isn't DVR the best invention ever?)

Back to the birthday...I decided to try to give myself a free pass this year and not go too overboard. I mean, Juliette isn't going to remember it. The first birthday party is really for the parents, right? Plus, a) it was sounding real overwhelming fast to get all theme-y with lots of food and people and b) we are blessed to have lots of family in town so when we get our family in a room that's already 10+ people. So we're doing a Sunday afternoon, low-key cake and ice cream type party with "just" family. I got these cute red polka dot balloons and that's pretty much the extent of it. Maybe some sunflowers? Uncle Scooter will even be there from sunny CA.

Then, for some reason, earlier today, I let the Mommy Guilt Monster take over my brain momentarily and overwhelm me with the responsibility of starting a million birthday traditions THIS YEAR OR ALL IS LOST. Thankfully, Juliette's Aunt Amanda talked me down from the ledge. Jonathan and I have a couple of silly traditions we do, so I think that plus cake will suffice? As long as she knows we love her and Jesus loves her, that is what matters, right?

In two days, we will have a one year old. How's that for crazy! I'll be back with party info.

Last year at this time, this and this. AH SO GLAD that was last year! 
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