3 Months Old (9 days later)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sweet Baby Jules... (this is a long one)


You are so much fun!


We are having more and more fun with you every day. Your sweet little spirit has really shown itself to us this past month. You are doing more "talking"...laughing, cooing, and interacting with us through your little voice. We just can't get enough!


{Toppling over turns into glam pose}

Since you started school on your 2-month birthday, this entire month you've been in day care and you have just done great. Miss Sandra, Miss Carolyn, and Miss Sherrill have all been wonderful and you've done a good job adjusting (faster than Mommy did). {Sidebar: the going-back-to-work topic probably deserves its own post.}

Your teachers have helped you learn to go 3 hours between eating (great job!). You take 5 oz bottles at school and now eat on a very regular schedule (5 times/day total). I'm very thankful that you still are nursing great, too.

We're still working on getting your naps to become more regular, but you're sleeping well at night so I'm not too concerned. You usually go to sleep between 7:30-8 and sleep until I wake you up about 6:30. We take a bath every night (you love your whale tub) and we read a book before I swaddle you up.


You are really noticing things more, which has opened up a whole new world of playing with toys and looking at books. You like playing with your rings, watching the mobile on your friend Emery's swing, and Sophie the giraffe. But mostly, "playing" is laughing and talking with people.


You've also turned a corner and now take your paci pretty well. The world doesn't end without it, but you do now like it and it does its job of soothing you, especially before bed. You still love chewing on your fist most of the time.

We have so much fun taking you out and about! You're very agreeable and offer smiles to everyone.


This month we celebrated your first Halloween! Your daddy finally got his wish and had his very own turtle:


Your dad ordered your turtle costume (on ebay) when you were just a few weeks old, and had been trying it on you every couple of weeks until Halloween came. We just could NOT stop giggling when you were wearing it, you looked so cute.


The day before you turned 3 months old, you rolled over for the first time! You did it first at school, but again for Mommy and Aunt Martha that night. Even though your effort comes from frustration at being on your belly, I appreciate your concentration and strength in this new skill.

This past week, you and your daddy skipped school and watched your first (of many) Tigers games.


You weigh 14 lb 1 oz, and I don't know how long you are. (We need to get out the tape measure, Daddy). Also this month, we had to wave the white flag and officially call it quits on the cloth diapers (I'm planning a separate post addressing this). You're wearing size 2 diapers still and mostly in 3-6 months clothes.



I'll probably remember this as the month things became more real-life and less Twilight Zone.

We love you, precious Juliette. You are a joyful gift from God!

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Some Stuff on a Wednesday

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1. I'm good at eating leftovers. I get satisfaction from cooking something and eating all of it. This could be either lazy (b/c I don't want to cook every night) or green (can't have food go to waste)...call it what you will.

2. Parenthood is such a freaking good show. Just...yes. Every single week. And every single week, they get me with the tearing-up. On the other hand is Glee, which has been spiraling downward into the Land of I-Don't-Get-It. (Circle of Life, I guess. This time last year, I would've thought that show could do no wrong.)

3. This baby. Killing us with cuteness, one day at a time. I love this photo (posted it on Instagram the other day), because it looks like she has really defined deltoids. Hee hee.


4. My dear husband took the above photo with his new iPhone 4S. I'm on the one-month-eligibility-countdown for this puppy. CAN'T WAIT (mainly for that camera.. and my 2.5 yr old 3Gs is moving slower than Christmas).

5. Speaking of Christmas...thanks for the input on Christmas stockings. I'll let you know what ends up happening.

6. In Couch to 5K news...I've been actually doing the workouts (at the gym, at night, after Jules is asleep). Can't say the lbs are just melting off yet...but at least there is some regular physical exertion occurring. Something.

7. This Penn State thing is just beyond. I can't even wrap my mind around the layers of evil involved. Lord help us.

Pretzels and A First-World Problem

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here's a quickie snack for youz. I got this concoction via Martha via her sister-in-law, Katy. YUM! They're going to be handy to make at the holidays especially. (The batch I made several nights ago is already gone!)

Thavory Prethzelsth (Savory Pretzels)

1 lb pretzels
1/2 c veg oil
1 t garlic salt
1 t cayenne pepper (I used Emeril's Essence so they wouldn't be as spicy, in which case maybe use garlic powder instead of garlic salt?)
1 package Ranch dressing mix

Stir all the ingredients together in a big bowl (I added the pretzels last), then spread out on cookie sheets and bake at 200 degrees for 2 hours. THE END.


Easy, eh? So delish!

I gave you these pretzels so you'll give me consult on the "issue" below.

I realize this is totally a not-real-life-issue-and-doesn't-even-matter-but-I-don't-know-what-to-do problem (and need to use some more hyphens): Christmas stockings. What do you do for your first kid?

Our stockings (me, Jonathan, and Red the Cat's) are classic ticking stripe from Pottery Barn, which I picked several years ago knowing that they'd have the same, if not coordinating stockings at PB forever and ever.

Here's an old pic from our condo (when we had to hang our stockings on the mirror above our dining table, nice!):

Alert: the 2011 Pottery Barn holiday catalog is not complete with ye classic ticking stripe Christmas stockings. There are of course, the solid red with white tops and the red/green ones, as well as some tapestry-looking ones with a snow man and a tree maybe.

The question is this: what in the heck do people do? Are you supposed to buy multiple stockings for how many kids you want to have from the get-go? Because that is SO MUCH PRESSURE to let Christmas stockings decide how many children you have (obvi). Or should I just [pretend to] play it cool, wait and then hope they'll have the matching one whenever that time comes? Or, go for mismatched kids' stockings and be all easy-going and "eclectic" (such a hot word right now)? Does anyone else think about this?


p.s. Juliette is 3 months old today but I'll obviously wait a while to write that post, so it'll be nice and late. :)

Baby Paper

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Been wanting to share these for a while.

My talented friend Laura H/"Eve" (some of her calligraphic talents shown here previously) is just the best at interpreting my harebrained ideas and transforming them into works of art (which exceed my initial mental concepts every time).

Here's Juliette's birth announcement up on the fridge:


(photo by Stephen Jerkins) Many thanks to Sister who loaned her Photoshop skillz in transforming the watercolor piece and the lettering into this card. I got the photos printed at mpix, on their pretty metallic paper.

And here is the stationery I've been using for thank yous:


Even after many months of using these cards, I am just still in love.

{Embarrassingly, I've still got a pretty good list of thank-you notes left to go. Please know, we are indeed thankful! It's slow going sometimes.}

Thank you so much, Eve, for sharing your talents with me once again.
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