Two Months Old (late)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not surprisingly, I’ve been only mentally writing this post, ie procrastinating, over the past couple of weeks. That poor baby. Since the self-inflicted pressure to write the most profound two-month-old post ever has lifted, I’m going to pen this as if was written two weeks ago.

Dear Baby,


We are trying to call you by your name more often… but most of the time we still refer to you as “Baby.” ☺


The big super huge number one main thing that’s happened this month is that you started sleeping all night. (Readers: please don’t send me hate mail. It’s all her own doing.) You have always been a good sleeper, able to sleep 4-5 hour stretches from around a week old (since you were back up to your birth weight quickly). You even slept a freakish 8 hour stretch at 2 weeks old. But something clicked for you right at 5 weeks old, and you’ve been pretty consistently going to sleep between 10-11 pm and waking up at 6 or 7.

The night your BFF Elliot Burke was born (September 20th…yay Baby Elliot!), you slept 10 HOURS in her honor! It was amazing. I often tell your daddy that your sleeping habits have made me a little scared about what we’ll get with your future siblings… kharma and all that.

Here you are, meeting Elliot for the first time! (You girls were both really into it. hee hee)


Also this month, you met your cousins, Kendall and Kailyn, for the first time! Don’t worry, Kendall has already taught you the Pledge of Allegiance. You’re going to be all set!


You are a good eater, and nurse pretty consistently every 2.5 hours during the day. I do my best to “load you up,” as we say, so you’ll sleep well at night, but we haven’t been stressing too much about a daily schedule yet (since you’re going to “school” exactly on your two-month birthday). You usually get at least one bottle every day to practice for day care, and you do a great job taking them.


You wear mostly 0-3 month size clothes, but you’re very long, so you can already wear some 3-6 month stuff. At your doctor’s visit, you were 11 lb 14 oz and 23.5 inches long, 90th percentile in both. Wowee! Head circumference: 50th. Watching you get your shots was NOT fun, but you did just fine. Thankfully your daddy was there with us to comfort us both.

{falling over, once again...}


We’ve been having some trouble with diaper rash, and thus have been in and out of the cloth diapers this month (we started on those when you were 4 weeks old). Alas, these issues are still in the process of being resolved. (More on that later.) But in disposables, you’re wearing size 1 (again, pretending like this is two weeks ago).

{cheering on Mommy's alma mater, on TX/OU game day. Thanks for making me the onesie, Aunt Martha!}


Your pacifier usage has plummeted. You spit it out immediately and often it makes you mad when we try to give it to you. You’ve started trying to chew on your knuckles instead, and just will not let me convince you that I’m offering you something better.

Besides your new sleeping skills, our favorite thing you’ve been doing this month is smiling. Yep, it’s pretty much the best thing ever. Your best smiles are during diaper changes and sometimes when I’m un-swaddling you and getting you out of your crib.


I have absolutely LOVED our time at home together, Baby! Especially this second month as we’ve gotten out more, and as things have calmed down a bit with your sleeping / I’ve felt a bit more physically “normal.”

You are the absolute joy of our lives!

Our little “jewel” -- Baby Jules.

one month post (also late)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sorry for the all-caps, really. But I need the emphasis, for extra accountability.

Before Juliette was born, probably early on in the summer, I decided that I'd set a goal of running the Grizzlies 5K on December 3rd. That seemed like a reasonable amount of months to work back up to running 3 miles.

A mere year ago, this goal would not have seemed so daunting. I've run several half-marathons and a full marathon before (see this post). But you see, I got fairly large and unwieldy during my pregnancy, and perhaps a little earlier on than some(/most?).

I'd been going to spinning 3 times/week (which I love) in the mornings before work for several months before I got pregnant, and my doctor said it would be a great exercise to continue into the pregnancy. Had to take a brief hiatus because of alldaylong sickness at the beginning of pregnancy, but then kept pretty faithfully going until I was 6 months pregnant and couldn't balance on the bike very easily anymore. After that? Sort-of regular walks around the neighborhood was my sole source of exercise. I do wish I'd done more (like busted out that prenatal yoga DVD we bought at Target, whoops), but what can I say? It was hot and I felt as big as a cruise ship.

ANYWAY...right after sweet Juliette was born, I started wondering why I'd set this 5K goal. Although there is a cute baby to show for it, I'm horribly out of shape, and haven't been feeling the whole running thing (especially since presently, there's more of me to carry around).

When Sister told me about this Couch to 5K program, and I was intrigued. Tonight, I went on the first walk/run while Jonny was home with Baby. It was surprisingly feasible. Of course there was plenty of huffing and puffing, but the 20 minutes went by quickly.

To work full-time and have a baby and find time to exercise is supremely challenging. I've been really trying to give myself grace right now, and to not freak out that this is how I'll look (and feel) forever. It's totally have this new precious baby you adore and wouldn't trade anything for, but your body has been completely put through the ringer. {Yes, I've heard from plenty of mommies that you look up after 6 months-year (please more like 6 mos) and feel more like yourself again.}

Any tips for sneaking in exercise between work and baby?
(It's our second week with me back to work, btw, so we're def still settling in). Thankfully, Aunt Martha committed to running the race with me.

Here's hoping I'll be back in 6 months-to-a-year with a report on being back to "myself" (but who is she anymore, anyway? another post for another time).

But in the meantime, I'll be Couchto5King it for December 3rd. Fingers crossed!

TGFNM (thank goodness for new music)

Monday, October 17, 2011

I’ve been in a musical rut for a while, seems like. Worn out all the ole standbys... even the "new" stuff.

It’s been my experience over the last several years as a bona fide adult that I have to go out of my way to find new/good music. Probably added to this is that I don’t want to spend much time listening to music I don’t really love.

Added to this: my home/work/home commutes are blessedly short, so plugging in the ipod and then start/stopping for a 5-minute car trip seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Oftentimes, this results in just listening to the radio (don't you hate finding yourself so zoned that you’ve just listened to an entire segment of commercials without changing the channel?).

Thus, when some of my favorite musical acts release new music, all within a short span of one other, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot, 'cause I didn't have to forage too hard for it at all (ie, previewing and then trying to decide if it's purchase-worthy…arf).



The lovely Leslie Feist has released this gem, which I’ve been enjoying immensely. Thank you, thank you madame, for giving us more.



Never enough Wilco. Haven’t listened to this enough to actually chronicle an opinion about it, but I look forward to listening.

Ryan Adams

RA_Ashes_CVR_12x12.qxd:Layout 1

I love his sound. A lot. A whole lot.

The Nobility


Jonathan’s talented brother Stephen (somewhat unfairly talented if you ask me) and his band have recorded a new full-length album. I am waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail, but we definitely enjoyed streaming it on their facebook page before its release. Way to go, Uncle Stephen!

Speaking of arriving in the mail—I’ll admit it. I still like hard copies of CDs. Is this strange? Despite the "cloud" security, I like owning the tangible recording. And reading the little booklet. Then popping the CD into my car (which, for the aforementioned short drive time making this a much more efficient way to listen). I can't seem to let go of it. In fact, for albums that we do purchase electronically, I still like to make a hard copy on a blank CD. Is this weird?

Obviously, I’d like for Juliette to grow up listening to good music, not only for fun/enjoyment purposes, but also in the name of her being well-informed (and for cool points, naturally). It would be a tragedy if she didn’t know of Michael Jackson’s significant contribution to music (don’t worry, her dad has already made sure she’s become acquainted with Kurt Cobain). Maybe I should make a list of music she should know. Has anyone done this? What would you put on it?

As for new music...anything that I am totally missing out on? Fill me in. There's got to be lots.

Around the House

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

And for something not-baby (finally! some of you may say).

Here are two projects in our room that we got finished before the baby came.


Got some curtains hung behind our bed. You can barely see on the left of the window there, but there are two windows that we're disguising with these curtains (black ticking stripe from Premier Prints). Therefore, the right panel is just hung over the wall.

This is really the only wall of this bedroom where the bed can go (besides the wall the door is on; but I like being able to see the bed as you walk in the room, so that wasn't an option). So, we centered the bed over the right-side window (and had it like that for over a year, might I add, until we got around to these curtains).

They make all the difference in this room, seriously! I love walking in here now.

The quilt is one I bought in late spring from Target, in the name of something lighter for summertime and we've loved the weight and the change of the pattern. Our normal duvet is white matelasse (sp?) and matches those shams. It's getting close to duvet cover time (yay cool weather!).

You can also see the ikea hack night stands we made, inspired by this post.


We followed it pretty much to the T, including her hardware source. I don't know the total we spent on these, but I'm almost positive they ended up being less than $50/piece.

All that's left is recovering the cushion (and maybe painting?) the chair to the right of Jonathan's night stand, and getting some stuff hung on the walls. Oh, and a rug. I guess a rug is a pretty major item... but it's not on the near-future list.

And as much of an eyesore as that fan is...I'm so thankful for it. Especially this summer! I have a new found appreciation and love for ceiling fans, despite their aesthetic drawbacks (and even with our house sporting a new a/c unit).


As both of these projects were completed while I was very pregnant, I can only take credit for vision.

Thanks to Martha & Dudley for once again bringing their mad skills and helping hang the curtain rod (yall, they are amazing at this). And to my Granny for sewing the curtain panels (with blackout liner), and my friend Laura R for getting the border added to them. For the side tables: thanks to brother Michael for painting the drawer fronts. And my dearest love, Jonathan, of course, for doing the whole rest of the project.
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