I'm Nothing if Not Helpful

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If you see a pregnant woman and don't know what to say, stick to something along these lines:

1. You look so cute/pretty/radiant etc

2. I am so happy/excited/giddy etc for you

3. You're going to be a wonderful mom/parents etc

4. Your baby is just going to be cute/pretty etc

Yep, I'd say that pretty much covers the safety zone.

side note: I have (very fortunately) been feeling well and/or great, so I've been able to answer the question "how are you feeling?" with "good" or "great" ...so I can't really speak for those preggies who feel otherwise. Treading lightly is probably always the best tactic.

Cloth Flower Wreath

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This past Saturday, Martha and I each made a cloth flower wreath, like the one Mandi had on her front door at my baby shower, using this flower tutorial.

It's been so enjoyable to see it when coming in the door everyday this week!

These really are so easy, just like Mandi told us they were, but I thought I'd share some little nuances that we discovered.

We cut our strips of scrap fabric about 1.5" wide and the length of a yardstick (36" obvi) and ironed them flat. We did her step of hemming one end for the first few, but I don't really see the benefit/point of it...you can just hide the end where you start your stitches at the bottom of the flower.

After loosely loosely stitching all the way down one side of the fabric strip and pulling it taut, you kind of arrange it into the flower shape you want...

and then iron it flat. We sewed the buttons on a few of these with loose stitches from underneath the center of the flower...but most of them we hot-glued on.

We used half the little piece of cardboard that the buttons came on as the backer. This gave us something more secure when gluing/attaching the flower to the actual wreath.

Voila! here's Marth's:


fabric: on-hand
needle/thread: on-hand
hot glue: on-hand
$4.99 for the wreath from Michaels (if we'd had a 40% off coupon, would've been 2.99)
$4-ish for the colored buttons from Hancocks (we didn't have the big colorful ones in inventory that we wanted to use)

Total: around $9

woo hoo! Thanks, Mandi, for spying this one!

Her Name

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Juliette Taylor

We've loved Juliette for years (and adore it paired with Jerkins)
...and Taylor is my given middle name

Beautiful watercolor that my wonderfully talented friend Andrea made her:

Our criteria was finding a name that everyone knew, but one that wasn't overused and had lots of personality on its own. {As active as she's been in my belly, it seems like she's going to have plenty of personality!}

Can't wait to put a face with a name :)

Baby Shower

Friday, June 17, 2011

It was a wonderful day!

There were several family members in attendance: my Aunt Melissa was in town from Dallas, and my Granny and Aunt Gwynne and Cousin Mae came too (along with my mom and Martha and Susie and Jamie of course). And there were so many sweet friends from our church who came to Mandi's beautiful house, celebrating with us the coming of our baby girl.

Mandi and the hostesses (Hayley, Jesse, Amy, Anne, Ann, Bethany, Beth, and Sara) really outdid themselves!


Rainbow sherbet and various kinds of cookies (lemon, shortbread) were the fare du jour.

Hayley sewed these adorable cookie pouches, fastened with diaper pins:

(aren't they so cute?!)

Drink station on her sun porch, pre-drinks (which were water, raspberry lemonade, and mint tea!):

Mandi made those sweet fabric balls too, and Hayley did the runner.

Entry hall table:

And photo with some of the hostesses (missing a few), {and probably the final photo of moi you will see published on this blog before le bebe comes}:

THANK YOU FRIENDS! It was a beautiful day I will never forget!

Craft sources from Mandi & Hayley:
wreath flower tutorial here
fabric poms here
cookie pouches here via here

This is Not a Joke

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A week ago Monday, we found out that our air-conditioning unit would have to be replaced. Amidst the quote process, several trained professionals got the existing to putter along at 75 degrees until yesterday.

Now it's all over. And this is now our reality.

(You may or may not remember this post from last summer...no more repairs are possible, I'm told.)

I'm very thankful to live in town with family. Red is at Kitty Camp (thank you Nana & Papa!) and my parents live very close by (so it's easy to go back and forth for stuff).

I think the only reason I am not totally freaking out (while having definitely freaked out partially) with the whole I'm-7-months-pregnant-in-the-summer-and-my-air-gone-broke thing is because God is giving me grace. That's the plain truth. He continues to provide for us even when I don't ask! And I'm thankful.

Boo Boo Bunny

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today was a fun and wonderful day! Several very dear friends hosted a baby shower for me at my dear dear dear friend Mandi's house. I can't wait to show photos of all the CUTE crafts they did for it, but I'm still gathering pics from various sources.

In the meantime, here's what Aunt Marthie made for le bebe:

A "boo boo bunny" ...so sweet!

Here's his tail:

Accompanied by this poem:

"If a boo boo has you feeling crummy,
Stick an ice cube in my tummy.
Hold it to your boo boo tight,
Soon everything will be all right!"

Our little nieces have a boo-boo bunny and Jonathan loves to suggest it as the remedy for every ailment when we visit them. :)

more to come!

New Succulent Plants

Sunday, June 05, 2011

This weekend, in an effort to spruce up my kitchen window sills, I picked up a few new succulent plants to put in little containers we had on-hand.

I adore the new monogram mugs from anthropologie. {Last year for mother's day gifts, I did this same thing with their previous version.}

Owl pot with new hair:

I found this pretty little jadite planter in Hardy, Arkansas (yay for Cherokee Village, Laura!) last fall and am just now getting around to giving it a living tenant. Love "string of pearls" and hope these make it in this spot.

A better (albeit phone) pic of the plant itself:

Those little plants are just so cheery! And probably cost $8 for all three.

In other news, my current (and maybe only "real") craving has been for ginger and/or molasses items, preferably cookies.

So I made Joy the Baker's Chewy Ginger Chocolate Cookies.

Delish. They didn't exactly scratch my molasses cookie itch (I'm craving one like they have at Starbucks sometimes, but haven't found one yet?), but these are darn good. Even if it's not Christmas and it may seem out of season to make ginger-y cookies...yum! I highly recommend. {If anyone has a recipe for a molasses cookie like the Starbucks ones, I'd appreciate it if you'd send it my way. Thanks!}

Dear Well-Meaning People,

Thursday, June 02, 2011

I know you are nice and looking for something to say to the awkward, round preggo lady walking your way. And, honestly, I've maybe said one or both these to other people in the past. I had no idea what would become slightly annoying to hear when you’re pregnant. But here are a couple for you. And here are my thoughts on 'em...as this is my blog.

Let me also say to my local compadres: if you’ve said one of these to me, I do not hate you forever. Nor do these even make me mad or ticked off--I've just been ruminating. These are by no means the worst I’ve heard so far or even hurtful necessarily—mainly just funny.

Without further ado:

Number 1: “You look SOOOO pregnant” or “You are SOOOOO pregnant!”

People, this is what happens when you’re 7 months pregnant. You’re. Pregnant. So yes, I’m SO pregnant. What did you expect to happen when you found out I was preg back in February? Nothing? To a lady who's hormonal and insecure about looking a way she's never looked before in her life, this can translate to, "you look huge!" See?

Number 2:
Person: “When are you due?”
Me: “August 12th”
Person: “Oh, you will get the whoooooole summer to be miserable!”
“You are going to be sooooo hot this summer”
“Oh honey, you are going to just melt in the heat. You’ll have to stay completely inside.”

Believe me, I am fully aware how hot I will be in June and July. I am fully aware it’s summer. I have been aware of it and gritted my teeth through it for the last 26 years of my life. And (if you saw my belly in person), I’m not sure when you thought this baby would come out and I’d be able to somehow MISS summer weather? This child’s arrival is obviously impending, and it’s just now June.

And I promise you, if you knew me at all (which, these well-meaning strangers don’t but here you go), you’d know that August has previously been my least favorite month of the entire year. After this, I don’t even expect to really love it beyond loving my child and the fact that we’ll celebrate her birthday during this month every year. So yes, I know it'll be hot.

However, it is the Lord’s providence for me to have this child in the summertime (maybe to teach me a much-needed lesson about complaining?); and, you can’t always plan your children’s birthdays exactly when you want them. We are thrilled to be having this baby, whether it’s coming in August or January. So we'll take the blessing that it is and deal with the heat as necessary.

A Hormonal Pregnant Lady

Babies & Some Junk Food

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend visiting friends & family in Dallas!

First, we needed our staple road trip food for the drive there:

This tradition started years ago. It's the only time we eat Corn Nuts, but we get them for every car trip (and always have gum handy to combat the after-effects).

We got to go help pick Kendall up from her school on Friday, which was fun (blazes, was it hot!). This pic is after she and I painted fingernails and I braided her hair (isn't she such a cutie?!):

Girl time!

I tried to get a pic of little sister Kailyn, but she was telling me (in this photo) that she couldn't smile because her teeth hurt:


From there, we went to see my grandma, and her new kitty, Skeeter:

He is a VERY sweet kitty and loves his new home (and I couldn't get him to look at the camera)!

After a trip to Ikea (hopefully will be tackling some projects soon!), we had a lovely dinner with Grandma, my aunt and two of my uncles. {Also that night, we caught (no pun intended) Hillbilly Handfishin on Animal Planet. Totally weird...I still don't really get it.}

Our last stop was to see our dear dear friends Erin & Jonathan and meet their darling little cutie pie Baby Felicity!

Oh, she is just as irresistible as she looks in this photo!

On the way home, I got a hankering for a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. This was somewhere less than 100 miles into the 500 mile drive. About 50 miles away from Memphis, we finally found one in Forrest City, Arkansas.

Behold, the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Blizzard!

{Please don't think I've completely abandoned my principles from this post and this post, but it WAS a road trip after all! And I nowhere near finished the whole thing.}

Glad to be home, even though it's suddenly a billion degrees in Memphis too. Baby Girl must be glad too, because she's been so active in there ever since we got home!

Thanks to our friends and family for the wonderful hospitality this weekend.
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