Tough Stuff

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi. I'm here.

Sorry for my of those tough-life things happened last week.

Everyone's ok. But it made blogging seem extremely insignificant. Whew. But now I'm back.

Our yard has taken to nicely! (see its reduced state here, and mid-sod here.) Hopefully we will have a complete "after"-ish yard photo here shortly.

Memphians UNITE in praying for rain and an end to this ridiculous drought! Sheesh.

(Let it not go without saying that I am a million times thankful for the cooler weather. Yes yes and yes.)

In Love with Letters (USPS rebrand dream photos)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm not presently recalling how at-length I've discussed my passion for letter writing on this here blog. So here goes.

There have been phases in my [adult] life where I have averaged one hand-written letter per day. It was wonderful, utter madness. To keep up, I used to have a calendar where I'd chronicle on which days I'd write which pen pal. Nerd alert.

The mania has died down some (ah, life), but I still have enough pen pals that every trip to the mailbox gets me excited about a possible letter inside, waiting to read! It's one of my favorite times of the day. [insert shout-out to my pen pals!]

So, HOW SAD is it read about the seeming demise of the US Postal Service? Heartbreaking.

Thus, when I saw this clever post about re-branding USPS, I wanted to share it with you all. Love the vintage days-of-yore vibe.

Lookey here for more of the following:


Uniforms (!):



...If only, right?

found via design*sponge's twitter

p.s. If anyone out there is looking to acquire a pen pal, let's hook that up.

The Rug

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Several of you asked about the rug I showed a glimpse of in this post.

(No one loves it quite like Red does.)

It's from Rug and Roll, which is here in Midtown Memphis...this is good because you can negotiate [heavily] with them in person.

Goodnight. I'm (with a very thankful heart) going to sleep in my 73 degree house now.

Fake Laid-Back

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Temperature inside my house as I type this.

I don't know how many of you I've actually met in person [probably 100% (hi mom!)...ha, this isn't Pioneer Woman!]. So you all probably have sometime experienced what I am about to describe.

Here's the deal: the vibe I try to effuse (is that the right way to use that word?) whenever possible is that of a laid-back person. Like, I try so hard.

I like laid-back people. How things don't ruffle their feathers. How their schedules are flexible and full, all the same wonderful time. They roll along, with a smile on their face, unfazed by everything.

So...I work really really hard to be this way a lot of the time--but it just doesn't seem to "take." Despite my best efforts, I can just get so worked up over things.

I'm starting to think you're either born with it or you're not. [Alas, my parents seem to have given all of their laid-back genes to my Sister and Brother.]

Our air went out a week ago Tuesday. We haven't been able to stay here much (save three nights when it was blissfully cool)...too hot. And I've been pretty annoyed.

But now, as I type...the air guys are here making the necessary repairs, Mother Nature is watering my new grass for the first time (no rain for weeks!!!), husband is studying his little heart out, and I am about to go on another date with those delightful Gilmore Girls.

It's all okay. And Autumn is a'comin. And we have a cat.

The end.

Sneak Preview: Laundry Room (and other miscellaneous incomplete improvements)

Monday, September 06, 2010

I'll eventually post complete "afters" I guess you'd call them...just nothing feels done at all right now... in the meantime, see below.

This is our kitchen right this minute:

And what used to be there:

WHEW! We're getting so close! Hopefully after this week I can show you the AFTER!

Here's a sneak peek of the laundry room, with the monsters in their new home (not "fixed" or done yet, per se, but in total working order):

(washer and dryer are now stacked.)

New vestibule floor, inside carport door:

Rug I've been whining over acquiring:

IN LOVE WITH IT! It totally changes our den for the [much] better.

Speaking of den...bamboo shades hung (curtains to follow):

And an adorable owl mug. $2 to the first person who can guess where it came from (Marth and Mom, you can't play).

There you have it. Labor Day weekend in a nutshell, spent with Husband studying and Leslie straightening and cleaning up (with very gracious help from fam).

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend too, wherever you are!
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