My Granny is 90

Monday, August 30, 2010

So we had a party.

Luckily, in our arsenal of tricks, we are privileged to know (and be related to) the dazzlingly talented duo of (Jonathan's bro) Stephen & wife Amanda Jerkins.

[Some of you may also know Stephen from Nashville band, The Nobility, fame, who we were extremely fortunate to have play music at our wedding reception.]

Stephen has taken the beautiful photos that follow; Amanda arranged the gorgeous flowers for the event.

The party was Saturday afternoon in our new church building's lobby...

...with sort of a "puzzle" theme [my granny loves to work puzzles, among other talents].

Music and entertainment provided by Granny's fave, Swingtime Explosion
(in which my dad plays the trumpet);

My dad (very smartly) had arranged for the playlist to contain at least one song from each decade in which my granny has lived...yep, 10 decades of songs!

We weren't allowed to cut the cake until we'd made it through the 40s...

My sweet mom and my Aunt Gail with the Lady of the Hour:

(Granny was SO relieved when we finally cut the cake!)
Such a delicious strawberry cake by Laura Jackson:

Martha/I did these cute guestbook/photo cards for our "photobooth" :

So, you write your name, where you're from, and then Jonny takes your pic:

We'll print the pics wallet-sized, paste them on the corresponding card, and present Granny with her photo-guestbook!

Here are some closer shots of the flowers (they were so perfect!):

Loved the milk glass!

Stunning, right?

Stephen & Amanda, thank you so much for coming from Nashville to Memphis to help us celebrate such a milestone with our granny by sharing your talents! We love you!

Let's have s'more parties, eh?

Alive and Laying Sod

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yes, we're still here. And no, our yard has not been a giant pit of mud for the last week (sorry I left that other post up there so long). It was actually smoothed into a nice, flat dirt yard the very next day.

Laying sod in our front yard is the DIY portion of Laundry Room Extravaganza '10 (to the extent it's possible, time-wise).

This gives you an idea of what we started with last night, before laying down the ole grass.

My dad--and mom both!--are rockstars, and helped SO much last night...they've definitely still got it!...(whatever "it" is). Thank you thank you thank you!

We got about a third-ish of the front down before running out of daylight:

[Because we're running low on ole Mother Time, we had to bring in reinforcements--in the form of one Capt. T. Kelley. Thanks, Tiger.]

I'll show you the completed pic when the whole shebang is all nice and golf-course like.

But wait! hasn't been all sod and gloom around here:

I got some new kicks (for a good cause!), the Toms Hockaday Cordones:

Totally in love. [Also I'm glad to say I have friends from college who went to Hockaday in Dallas, so I'm not a total idiot-poser...right?]
p.s. people are NOT kidding about these shoes being insanely comfortable.

The new Magic Kids album, lovingly titled "Memphis," came out:

Go buy it now. Seriously. They are on the cusp of explosion, a la MGMT. And they love Memphis. It's a win-win.

We had a visit from the lovely and wonderful Wussows (who really need to update their blog!). I'm a dum dum and have no photos of this event, but we had a big ole Memphis weekend: went to Molly Fontaine's, Wild Bill's, Au Fond Farmtable, and finished it off with the hilarious and sweaty Donna Summer concert at Live in the Garden. Whew!

Oh, and I got some new glasses.

And yes, I know I look like a rabbit in this photo. It's weird taking a picture of yourself at the glasses store, okay?

Everyone else in the entire store thought I should go for these other cat eye frames...but I went for these instead (and thankfully, these were Sister's preference via photo-text approval.

I love 'em in all their nerdiness. Are they big enough? What do you think?

[i can't believe i'm posting this photo on the internet.]

Hot Mess

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is what our yard looks like as I type:

We have to be able to drain the water from the washing machine. No plumbing previously on the side of the house where the laundry room is going to be. And this is why no previous owners have done this project before now. Yep.

...It's been a long time since I've gone over a week without blogging. I wrote a post last Wednesday morning called "It's Wednesday, What?" and by the time I had time to finish it on Friday, it obviously wasn't Wednesday anymore.

I don't know where the time is going! It's like tons of things are happening--J started med school, a car could fit inside the hole in our yard--but nothing has really HAPPENED per se.

That sounds dumb. More mess:

You will maybe never meet a girl so thrilled about a laundry room. It will all be totally worth it (see the washer/dryer's current location in previous post).

Over and out.

New Season

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Monday, two things happen:

1. Remember this?

Uh, yeah. The ordeal of moving it out of the kitchen begins. And no, we're not DIYing this project, no sir. We know our limits [and how short (short?) they truly are]. We've been told it will take a team of trained professionals three weeks to complete this job. There will be photos along the way.

It will feel like a whole new kitchen--and a new dining experience, not to be watching clothes spin while eating.

I. Cannot. Wait.

2. Jonathan starts school. I don't know what it will be like, but invariably, our lives will change. It's weird being on the cusp of such a huge life change but not knowing AT ALL what new life will be like.

I imagine that it will be one of those instances where you can't really remember life before? We'll see.

BONUS: whoever thought that Columbia sportswear would have such a cute dress as this?

Yeah, me neither! ...Random, right? (Sorta akin to this time Marth & I found that cute cardigan...)

Thanks to my mom for discovering this gem. I'm wearing it in black now, and cannot imagine any dress more comfortable or cool in this [unspeakable] heat. (I won't labor on about the heat because we all know it's unbearably hot outside, and we've all read about 2384782983 facebook status updates saying so.)

That's all.

Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Monday, August 02, 2010

Crossing off months on my office calendar...

Does this constitute a "half-full" or "half-empty" way of thinking?

On the one hand, I'm not wishing time away...but it kinda looks like it.

But on the other hand, I feel like I'm crossing something off a list when that wonderful Sharpie line goes through a completed month.

Do you "cross out" time? ...Thoughts?

p.s. Thank you for the wonderful response on the Liz LaVelle post.
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