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Friday, April 30, 2010

...lemon tootsie rolls.


Does this count as obscure candy?

Obviously regular tootsie rolls and tootsie roll pops are ubiquitous to Americans ... But lemon tootsie rolls?

"Weird" ---oui ou non?

[also loving this nail color "You Don't know Jacques" by the always-clever OPI.]

happy weekend!

And unless there's a volcano or something in Memphis, pic of the new house on Monday!

big news

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[artwork courtesy of Sister]

The time has come. . . bye bye townhouse.

Hello, house!

Photos/explanations/anecdotes to come...before-and-afters to your heart's content.

Please pardon my busy-ness (and etsy shop vacation-ness) in the meantime.

We're moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, April 26, 2010

On this dreary Monday in Memphis, I thought I'd share the wonderful progress of my Jasmine vine.

Planted probably over three years ago, what started out as a little guy sprout, is now:

and it's just now blooming:

This is what it looked like not quite a year ago:

and now...

I think it's a variety called Confederate Jasmine, but I'm not all the way sure.

Probably bought at Home Depot or something, most likely because of the white blooms.

Filling in the ole courtyard fence nicely for me, don'tcha think?

I'm glad the neighbor doesn't mind. She told me she likes it.

Me too.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank you for all of your kind comments yesterday. We had a lovely anniversary (including a lovely dinner with some incredible strawberry shortcake baked alaska... gotta attempt that one sometime).

Here are some randoms for your Frideee!!!!!!!!!

Bought these shoes this week at Target:

[in the hopes of helping my big honkin' feet look daintier...prob not possible]

But I love these'uns too:


Flats are our friends.

This measuring cup is killing me with kindness...[and also its freaking-thirty-two-dollar-ness, sheesh]


Analog must not die. Analog must not die. Analog must not die. Analog must not die. Analog must not die. Analog must not die. Analog must not die. Analog must not die.

Maybe that's what I'll make my children write out one hundred times when they misbehave.

[also etsy]

And lastly, I've very much been enjoying this album from local Memphis band Star & Micey.

S'il vous plait (literally, if you please), go to their site, where you can stream the whole album for free. If you like whatcha hear (as I did), you can then purchase it for $5 on iTunes. what-a-deal.

Oh, they're playing at the Levitt Shell on May 15 if you wanna check 'em in person. We'll be there with bells on.

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love + Marriage

4 years down...one million to go!

[what better way to celebrate than by having Earth Day too?]

the notebook doodles

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

oh, goodness.

tres chouette!

notebook doodles blog, flickr

She doodles, scans it into photoshop, then puts on top of another photo.

just darling.
I'm off to work on my handwriting.
found via design is mine, here.

garage sale vs yard sale

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm not real sure about the actual difference.

Is one better than the other? We didn't have it in a technical garage, or a technical yard. It was part carport, part driveway, part yard, part awesome.

We picked "garage" for our description...Did we choose wisely?

So much crap.

[the Jerkins Section]

You better believe people showed up at 6:20 (our ad said it started at 7).

As a first-time GS Host, the main thing I didn't expect was the whole leave-your-car-running thing. Geez. In that much of a hurry, really?

My fave moment captured that day:

entitled "Aliases for a Quarter" :

Neither of these disguises sold...but the beaver disguise [not pictured] DID sell.

Those garage sale-ers drive a hard bargain.

read Marth's post with better photos here.

Garage Sale--sale---saale---saaaaaale

Thursday, April 15, 2010

(imagine shouting that into a well or a tunnel)

Yes, it's true. We're having a garage sale.

[ad is here.]

Me, Sister, Mandi, Jesse, and my parents' stuff.

We found this, by Grant Burke, which will most definitely find a spot in our home:

Good ole Memphis skyline. Awesome, right?

Next, in cleaning out Jonny's closet last night, I came across a few old notebooks from the end o' college. Thought I'd share.

I took Italian 506 (that's 5 hrs, introductory level) my final semester senior year. After seven years of French, I needed 5 hrs of some sort of miscellaneous credit, and I knew it would be fun to gain some general knowledge of Italian.

This is also the semester that Jonny and I got engaged and were falling mucho-in-love.

The following was most definitely/probably an attempt to make him love me even more.

From the inside back cover of my Italian notebook:

My favorite memory jogged by finding this list was number 1: "...writes with a mechanical pencil and erases with a click eraser."

C'mon, that is STILL funny. Macho-college-guy with a click eraser.


Then, there was this gem of a notepad, with would-you-rather type questions.

Sorry these are fuzzy, but some of the high points are:

- Would you rather sweat chalk dust or liquid jello?

- Would you rather wait by the side of the highway, having run out of gas for 8 hrs with no food/water OR wait in the DMV every day for 8 hrs/day for one week with no other human being, book, TV, or any form of entertainment?

- Which would you choose: to watch a 3-hour silent puppet show OR only be able to watch Steven Segal movies for the next 10 years?

- Would you rather have unlimited access to any book with no intelligent human interaction OR have solely humorous/joking human conversations and no access to written information of any kind?

Anyone got any answers?

[For more "asking" amusement, may I suggest a visit to the wonderful AskingCanBeFun?]

I'll leave you with this adorable image that some of you caught on facebook yesterday. The turtle that Jonny spotted in our courtyard [I told you he loves turtles].

This one's just slightly bigger than a grape.

In the turtle's (and J's) honor, I am wearing this turtle dress today:

Have a nice day.

These Fonts Are Knocking My Socks Off

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's hard not to get overwhelmed looking at this page o' fonts.

If I had a ton of cash lying around, this would be a place to turn.

Brownstone Font:

from here.

And Buffet Script:

from here. Those Veer people are somethin' else.

I mean, have you ever?

go to their site to see more.

Collaborations, et cetera

Monday, April 12, 2010

Some recent collaborations avec ma soeur:

both of them postcards (and all phone pics, sorry)...

For Nishta/BJG (I'm sure her wonderful photog will get a better pic):

And this cutie-pie postcard:



L-O-V-E. right?

[I don't post any invites on my etsy shop yet. These friends just contacted me for custom work, which anyone is welcome to do! Just email me.)

Look at these stamps that Laura got me for my birthday and framed:

They're French!

Also, my violas have made an 11th-hour comeback from the harsh winter.

Jonny loves turtles.

random enough post for ya?


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Jerkins Birthday Tradition:

the dollar store racecar banner...we sneak in the night to hang up to "surprise" the other person.

and...drumroll please...


The perfect birthday present!

Thank you, sweet husband.

Maybe 26 won't be so bad?

I Still Wear Slips

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Are you shocked?


Maybe you're not.

[and I sure hope this post doesn't embarrass any of the possible male readers I have left.]

My mom used to give me a new slip in my Easter basket every year... and the habit has stuck.

Friends, co-workers (especially BR coworkers), roommates are and have been shocked to learn there are still girls who always wear a slip.

I really cannot wear a skirt or a dress without one.

To further cement this habit, I worked at that Banana Republic store too long...when someone walked in from outside on a sunny day, wearing a dress and no slip... this only strengthened my resolve.

[it's only fitting that I'm listening to Hymns by Johnny Cash as I write this.]

Am I alone out there? Do you think I'm an old-fashioned granny?

(or just really inappropriate to bring this up?)

*clarification: this is not something I feel needs to be imposed on others. This is an as-for-me-and-my-house-type thing.


Monday, April 05, 2010


from here.


Now I can go to sleep.

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