Snow Day/New Stationery

Friday, January 29, 2010

Such a delightful thing happened this morning. The weathermen predicted a "heavy winter storm" of snow/ice/sleet and it actually has come to pass. So much has come down from the sky, in fact, that I got sent home from work. I have been working in the grown-up/adult world for almost four years, and this has never happened for me before. A wonderful surprise indeed, as I did not expect to be sent home early at all. But here we are. (And I won't turn them down.)

[on my way home to hibernate, I stopped to get a space heater--our townhouse doesn't get above 62, really--and bought myself a SNUGGIE! eeeee! i love it! wearing(?)/using it this very second!]

I haven't posted about paper stuff in a while. As mentioned before Christmas, I did take a break from etsy over the holidays. It was a good break, but a few projects have popped up recently, and I'm glad to be getting back in the swing.

Thought I'd show you a few new little cards. These are similar to each other: flat, vertical cards. And, I will warn you, my photographs are awful. Sorry. It's extremely difficult to take good photos of these things.

Made these for my mom because she wanted some "fun" cards...cream paper/envelopes with lime-y green ink:

This little font below is one of my current favorites: "Perfect Magic"...isn't it cute? (sorry it's blurry) These are a green/grey combo on cream paper with the return address printed sideways on the front of the envelope:

Here's a set for my friend Carrie's soon-to-be new baby, Presley. This was one of the Bunko prizes from Bunko at Sister's house last week. (The printing is hot pink on white paper/envelopes and the border kind of like sewing-ish dashes. Sorry it's hard to see.)

[isn't Presley Portis such a stunner of a name?]

The last two are some hostess gifts for my friend Bethany (who's about to have a little guy of her own!). The following set is a style that I made a LOT for Christmas orders (remember the Great Card Knock-Out '09? yeah, me neither.). Pretty classic, no? Cream paper/envelopes, brown ink:

And this guy...everyone loves Honey Script. Cream paper/envelopes, brown ink again:

I haven't listed these on etsy yet, because these pictures stink. But if you want any of them or anything, they're the same prices as my other sets--just email if you're interested.

Here's Red looking out the window at the snow:

...but now he's safely settled in one of his favorite spots:

I'll now hunker down with some correspondence, to distract from the desire to bake something.

C'est tout! Have a happy Friday/Snow Day or otherwise, wherever you are!

Either/Or, Neither/Nor...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"...choose the one right next door" is the grammatical rule.

Well, I'm not going to talk about grammar, for once. I'm going to talk about this concept of either-one-but-not-both.

I'm a week and a few days into my healthy eating/diet plan [discussed here].

I am also one-third of the way to my goal. [under this diet plan, the most accelerated weight loss comes in the first one or two 4-day segments, so this is normal. weight loss will slow down after this, so says "Dr Ian," as he calls himself.] But yippee nonetheless!

However, I must confess something to you all. And I sure hope this doesn't keep me from cutting bangs.

Thinking back upon my life and subsequent weight fluctuations, I notice a pattern:

At my "skinniest," I did a crummy job of exercising consistently/all-out/full-heartedly--if at all--but ate healthfully like a champ.

At my "chubbier" stages, I was most likely training for a half-marathon or something in the background, meanwhile baking tons of cookies or eating $5 Hot-n-Readys w/Jonny for dinner.

I can never do both well at the same time.

What is with this? Dr. Ian prescribes a daily amount of exercise you are supposed to do on each day of this 28-day plan. And of course he does. Any ding-dong knows that diet + exercise = weight loss. Both of them. Together. Like peas in a pod. And I have probably done 3 of the days he's recommended so far, out of 10. Why why why why?

It's like I feel exempt from exercising hard when I'm eating like Jillian Michaels. And when I'm exercising like Jillian Michaels, I want to eat like Paula Deen.

HELP! How to avoid this? How can I get that "spark" for both?

I really, really want to meet my goal. (Because I really, really want my bangs back!)


[oh, and because I now can't post without some sort of photo or icon, I'll just tell you that I bit the bullet and got on twitter. Had to get on it for work, so @lesliejerkins was subsequently born. "follow me" if you'd like. I'm lame, though, I must warn you. Oh, and if you have a name, let me know what it is so I can "follow" you too. And maybe someday quit putting all the "twitter" terms in quotation marks. Sheesh.]

The Wild West, continued

Monday, January 25, 2010

A few fave pics from our Arizona trip for ya...

[brief itinerary: flew to Phoenix, spent the night. went to school with Michael. drove the 1.5ish hrs to Sedona (home of the beautiful red rocks) and spent the night. next morning, drove to Flagstaff (scenic route--stunning), then onto Grand Canyon (through landscape which looks like Mars). spent the night in GC Village. next morning, more South Rim touring, drove back to Phoenix (about 4 hours). next day, ran half marathon. next day, Memphis. the end. got it?]

Picture with some cacti outside Sedona on the Red Rock loop road.

He tried to get cute and "fake step on" the cactus, but actually fell in. Ha!

Those suckers work, it turns out....prickles all over the place.

And, a taste of Memphis on the rustic Red Rocks loop: a FedEx truck!

He told me to "work it"...

And yes, 'tis GRAND

There aren't words to describe.

(I like that one because you can see the Colorado River and My Main Man)

It was very very sunny that first day.

Sunny and unbelievable.

Our hotel in GC Village was like a whole 'nother world...

Family Fun Center! Why not?

We ate dinner at We Cook Pizza and Pasta.

No, really, that was the restaurant's name. Whatev, right?

The next day, it was overcast (the vampire in me was relieved), but the visibility was still great. And snow!

At Hermit's Rest, which is the last stop on the South Rim:

After tearing ourselves away from the majesty, beauty, and wonder that is the Grand Canyon, we stopped between GC and Flagstaff on the way back to Phoenix and found this coyote water tower:

Back in Phoenix, we helped Michael & his roommates work a puzzle:

[my first puzzle to really help with ever ever ever]

Our last day/last-ditch effort to get a "big cactus picture" on our way out of town:

Thanks for having us, Arizonans! We had a wonderful time!

[jonny acting like a cactus]

Trip to AZ: the 3rd Musketeer

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here's the first of [probably] a few posts about our recent trip out west.

I'd like to start with a little brief overview, through the eyes of our trusty rental car, or the 'third musketeer,' if you will.

As you [now] know, we went to Arizona last week to visit J's "little" brother, Michael.

Here's Michael:

He's in his second year teaching middle-school science in Phoenix with the program Teach for America. That's a picture of him in his classroom, teaching (see his rules behind him?). We got to watch him teach about transform boundaries and solubility.

When we went to Phoenix, we rented a car for our travels out to Sedona, Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon.

Here's what we got:

A lovely [bright] white PT Cruiser. Here she is in the parking lot at Michael's apartment complex, ready for adventure, at oh, about 75 degrees.

Little did we know that we'd take this car through myriad climate changes and several thousand feet of altitude over the next few days.

Here she is in the red dirt/red rocks of Sedona, AZ:

Driving through the snow on the way to the south rim:

Seeing the Grand Canyon for herself:

(about 30 degrees at this point, and had gotten down to 12 degrees overnight at our Grand Canyon Village hotel)

On the drive back from G.C., looking at the mountains in Flagstaff:

We really really wanted to get a photo of her next to a big ole cactus...but alas, we were cutting it close on our drive back to return her (in time and in gasoline).

Not only did we make friends with the PT Cruiser...we made other friends, too.

Michael & Jamie's kitten, Penny:

Michael's roommates. Here's Dan:

[whose new car I got carsick in, btw. yep. completely mortifying. somehow he was still speaking to me when we left.]

And, finally, my 1/2 marathon running partner/buddy, Jen:

We joined up around mile 4, and I could not have finished without her.

I'll be back with more later, but I'll leave you with this heart-shaped cactus:

(good photo, Jonny!) It was a wonderful trip!

Cinnamon Rolls and Their Result

Monday, January 18, 2010

I made the famous/infamous Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls over New Years...

[phone pic, sorry]

another pan:

...took me a minute to figure out the right consistency for the frosting, but I liked it thicker (top photo).

Side note: the second pie dish is one I got from my mom for Christmas, here.

[apparently, pie week resulted in miscellany other than a lot of eating pie and becoming the "crazy pie lady." it brought this pretty treat too!]

I digress.

Turns out that everything PW says about these cinnamon rolls is true: your friends and family will jump for joy, hug you, cry with delight, ask for more, blah blah blah.

They are sublime.

Remember that time I told you that my husband never speaks in superlatives about his food?

Yeah, these cinnamon rolls "might be the best thing I've ever put in my mouth," he says to me.

Eeeesh! Now you know it's serious.

What did I do with the entire leftover pan (plus more besides)?

Yep. Ate it myself. Whoops.


The Four Day Diet.

Fret not. This need for a kick-in-the-(tight)-pants been brewing pre-holidays, pre-cinnamon rolls, pre-baking, pre-pie week, but most definitely catalyzed by all of the above.

My lovely sister-in-law Nikki brought this diet plan to my attention. It's one of the few that webmd endorses.

And, no, it's not four days total. It's consecutive periods of four days with different food emphases, so you don't tire of the food and lose your edge (this always happens to me with South Beach, and I end up sabotaging myself).

Starts tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I'm pumped, it feels promising, all of that stuff.

***Here and now, I will make this vow to you, blog friends and comrades:***

If I meet my goal weight in twelve weeks, I will cut my bangs again.

Who likes bangs with a chubby face?

Not I.

Not my drivers license photo from birthday '09.

And not Zooey Deschanel, either.

[image here. ps, if you haven't seen 500 Days of Summer, run, don't walk. I just love her.]

I'm hoping that this public internet confession-time will spark additional accountability.

Yes, the girl who likes to bake must take a time out every once in a while, and keep things in check, right? Who wants to have to buy larger clothes just because you're eating too many cookies?



p.p.s. We did just return from the Grand Canyon, among other things. Forthcoming.

My New Digs

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I rarely talk about work on my blog...

But 2010 brought with it a new job! That's newsworthy, eh? And I am just so excited.

I'm doing marketing for a local commercial real estate company.

My office has a door (gasp!)...and a window:

I brought this guy with me to sit on my desk:

[on sale from anthropologie, no longer online]

And here, they have Fresca for 25 cents (and other soft drinks, of course):

who doesn't like Fresca?

oooh weeeee!!!!!!

To top it all off, on Sunday, Jonny held a baby:

[thanks, James! I love you, Case!]

btw, to clear up any confusion from yesterday's post, I already owned a pair of Classic Cardys (see below).

It was the 'look' of the Classic Talls that I was holding out on...

The Cardys only have the sheep/emu/whatever-it-is wool on the bottoms, not all around your foot. Thus, the Classic Tall boots are INFINITELY warmer than these guys. And my feet have profusely thanked me.

The Dark Side

Sunday, January 10, 2010

a.k.a. The Warm Side.


Yes, mes amis.

I'm now one of "them"...the kind I once (foolishly?) made fun of--

hey, I never thought these things would last...but have you tried them on???

[photo here]

...and I'm the one that, consequently, Sister is still making fun of.

My feet have never been warmer.

which side are you on? yea or nay?

Santa is a good man, that one.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lily the Cat... October 2003-January 2010

Lily was my very first real pet.

It was January of 2004 (which was 6 years ago! eesh) ... wintertime. I was home from college for Christmas. It was cold. At my parents' house, there is a flower bed in front of the fence at the end of the driveway---it was here we first noticed a mother cat and her three kittens. After we all had initially taken stock of each other in the driveway, I remember our family sitting in the back little den and here come these three tiny little kitten faces peeking in the window at us. My heart was won.

Before this, the Guinn family had no cats or dogs. We had a few fish and two very long-lived gerbils that I bought with my "own" money in the fourth grade and subsequently grew to be terrified of (those tails....those long scary tails!).

After strategic maneuvers, we [somehow] coerced my dad into letting us keep the kitties. The plan was this: I'd take back one of the kittens with me to Austin and keep it in my apartment [I had my own room that year, and my two roommates shared the other room. they did not veto the kitten FYI].

There were two orange kittens and one dark kinda fluffy one. After taking them to the vet, we learned the dark one was a girl and the orange ones were boys [the mom was a short-haired tabby, kinda a combination of her children...imagine that].

I just fell in love with that little girl kitten and named her Lily. Back to Austin we went.

[btw, we started that car trip with her in the carrier and she cried for a solid hour. I pulled over and let her out and she sat in my lap for the next 9 hours of the car trip. that's when we really bonded.]

The vet had told us they were about four months old when we found them, so we established they'd been born at the beginning of October 2003.

[I don't have any digital photos of Lily as a kitten because I didn't get a digital camera until a year later. letmetellyou ...she was a BEAUTIFUL kitten.]

[me and Lily at Christmas 04...look at my red hair! ha!]

I brought her home after my sophomore year, where she lived from then on and fell in love with my mom. By then, one of the orange kittens had run away and the mother cat had died pretty soon after we adopted them, so it was just Lily and her brother Spencer.

She was such a sweet kitty. I used to call her The Beauty Queen... she was such a gorgeous girl. Didn't love to be held, but she loooooved to be petted, especially when you were sitting at the kitchen table. Softest cat I've ever petted. Sweetheart.

My first pet. My first animal love.

I'll miss you, little dear one.

One I Keep Coming Back To

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"when times are good, be happy. when times are bad, consider: God has made one as well as the other. therefore, man cannot discover anything about his future."

Ecclesiastes 7:14

Bienvenue 2010!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Since it's a new decade, everyone's facebook statuses have been fraught with "ten years ago, I was doing _____" ----or---- "in the past decade, I _____"

So, I'll just give you my 

Top Five Things I Loved About the Oughts:

1) 4.22.06

Our wedding day. Marriage and love with my best friend and companion.  Life-changer all the way around. And a welcome one at that.

[Sad I cannot find a photo on the internet to post here and I'm not at home right now. Sorry.]

2) Attending two Final Fours. 

Seriously, I am convinced this is some of the best fun to be had in the entire world. I first went in 2003 to watch Texas in New Orleans; then went to San Antonio in 2008 to watch the Memphis Tigers. Don't want to discuss the latter's result; but both trips were superbly (is that a word?) fun.

3) Becoming a pet owner.

Prior to "the Oughts" I never had a pet to call my own. Any reader of this blog is aware of my darling Red; Lily cat was my first pet, though (she is now my mommy's kitty) and the original cat who stole my heart.

I still have yet to own a dog, but having kitties has really expanded my love for all animals. My nephew dog Gibson is such a delight; Moses & Owens have become good pals of mine too. And some of you remember when we nursed Sammy.  What joy animals bring to my life now!  

4) Expanding family.

With my sister's marriage to Dudley, and Jonny's family and their additions, marital and biological (which includes my two dear nieces), I so enjoy all that comes with having family and having them close by. 

5) Discovering who I am.

In this last decade, I can definitely say I know myself better.  

Re: I don't like to plan things like events or trips or be in charge of things that involve a lot of details.  I don't like to get up early. I'll do it. But I don't have to like it.

Time management is not always my strong suit. Things always take longer in reality than they do in my brain. But I'm good at coping and making it happen anyway. (does that sound accurate?)

I love to cook. I love to bake (as you all know). I love making stationery and using it to write letters. I like making things. I like blogging. And I kinda like running (well, I like being done with a run---I've run a marathon in the past decade, and three half-marathons but I still never crave it). 

C'est moi.

Happy New Year!  May the next decade bring some good changes that you'll welcome with open arms.

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