10 Things that Make me Happy

Thursday, July 30, 2009

[vintage cheese cutting board from SweetLoveVintage on etsy, here]

1. clever marketing

2. bright colors (except red...don't love red)

3. beautiful photos

4. handmade party decorations

5. baking and licking the spatula

6. thunderstorms, snuggling with my kitty

7. Google Reader

8. dresses with belts (not all belts)

9. vintage-y kitchen items

10. a stack of freshly cut paper, ready to be printed on

dress with a belt: [from here]

bright color: [from here]

handmade party decorations (bouquet made from old sewing patterns): [via Country Living]

beautiful photo: [from allison rodgers photography]

Can someone buy this for me?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i will love you forever.

(via findingfabulous on etsy, listing here)

It's vs. Its: A Review

Monday, July 27, 2009

I read a lot of blogs. I thoroughly enjoy them. But one trend I've noticed among a shockingly large percentage of my subscriptions, which has stuck out lately like a sore thumb, is the trouble blog writers seem to be having with it's and its.

(I don't think my aversion to this stems from my study of literature or my personal interest in the Enlish language; this should offend everyone's intelligence who knows better.)

Let's review.

1. "it's" {with an apostrophe} stands for the words "IT + IS"
you see how this contains a verb (is, ahem)?

*Remember that apostrophes don't just appear out of nowhere. They stand for something, like possession or a verb contraction. (ex: "do" + "not" = "don't")

example in a sentence:
It is correct to assume that everyone knows this language rule.
It's correct to assume that everyone knows this language rule.

The apostrophe in this case stands for the "i" in "is" ... just like the apostrophe in "don't" stands for the "o"

2. "its" shows possession of a noun (person, place, thing or idea)
example in a sentence:

The dog always showed its owner who was boss.
The knife wasn't sharp enough to do its job.

Does this help? If in doubt, think to yourself, "Would it make sense to say 'it is' here?" If the answer is no, then go with its (possession).

We'll leave on a positive note: this adorable terrarium print, found here.

We're so Green right now: Jonny's Record Shelf

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What do they call this… “upcycling,” right? We were in drastic need of a place to store Jonny’s expanding vinyl collection. Formerly in our living room, there was a very nice cedar chest next to the couch and behind our new Red Chair (post on that later). However, it was extremely hard to access its storage space and primarily served as a lamp surface.

As most of you know, my dear sister and her husband have bought and are fixing up a house before they move in (this wkd!). Part of the process included removing shelves from closets and things, resulting in extra wood.

Enter MacGyver Jonny and his lifelong best friend Grant (Mandi’s husband). They scavenged this wood:

…which Grant helped Jonny wrangle into this:

…and after a few coats of paint, it became this:

Atop the shelf is a new-to-us vintage radio, which plays AM stations! Backing the shelf are pieces of plywood with leftover student drawings on plywood that Grant found for us.

Bit by bit... I guess getting your house "the way you want it" really never ends, does it?

*update (10.6.09) posted this on A Soft Place to Land's DIY Day, here, #167. And wrote about it briefly on today's blog post, here.

First Sewing Project(s)!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I (we) did it!

After drooling over sewing projects for the last several months, and vowing to learn how myself, I completed two sewing projects. One of them with the help and guidance of the extremely talented Katie L, and one as my solo sewing debut.

First were the couch pillow covers. J and I purchased this new couch a few months ago, and it came with the below lovely throw pillows (GRODY):

Thanks to Urban Outfitters tapestries, I acquired a large amount of [cute] fabric very inexpensively, and... TA DA!

Thank you Katie, for showing me the ropes and helping me get this done in one evening.

I was so inspired by completing these pillow covers, that I went home to try my hand at a solo project.

I give you "The Travel Delicates Bag" ...

...complete with a drawstring ribbon!

Sky's the limit?

Something Happy: more print options?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thanks for the opinions on the print. The overwhelming favorite was "words in the woods." Can these be in the running perhaps? Just found this etsy shop via this blog and maybe can any of these be in the running?

"blue jays" listing here

"robin" listing here

"chickadees" listing here

Obviously, these are more geometric than those others, but I love the colors. And to answer Marilyn's question, the wall color is called "crisp khaki" -- thus very neutral. This will potentially hang in a spot in between my yellow kitchen and my reds/sages/earthier den colors.

Remembering Norman

Friday, July 17, 2009

Today we are getting together to remember my grandad. I am kind of dreading it but know it's necessary. It's been weird being at my grandparents' house this week without him there, he just was full of so much energy and was such a presence.

Read his obituary here.

He is already missed.

Etsy Prints prints prints prints prints

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've got a Ribba Frame, and what should I put in it?

from kris blues on etsy, "Birds - Sunrise":

from Taeeun Yoo Illustration, "Tea Shop":

from Taeen Yoo again, "Balloons":

from The Black Apple (etsy's #1 selling shop), "The Hiding Place":

from Mintage Designs, "words in the woods":

from Paint & Ink, "Isle of Treasure":

Strawberry Succulent Pot/New Blog Name

Thursday, July 09, 2009

(picture from here)

combine succulent love + strawberry pot J's mom gave me = FUN

Oh goodness, I want to make one. How fun are these?

Honestly, this project is a little intimidating. Making one of these suckers involves a piece of pvc pipe buried in the center with holes in it for better water distribution to the individual plants.

Well, I have procured said pipe piece (peace pipe?), cut it, poked holes, and it is too long. ugh. We've no saw at home, blah blah blah.

I'm scared I will kill everything in the pot. Water too much, water not enough, too much light, not enough light....? I've killed more succulents than any other plants I've had. (but to be fair, succulents comprise the highest percentage of plants I've had.)

(above) pretty, however gangly. I'll want mine a little tighter and fuller...(found here)

(above) bad picture, but nice thought... here

pretty pictures below (obvi not strawberry pots but still BEAUTIFUL): (from apartment therapy)

A few months ago, I bought some sedum cuttings from a charming etsy shop The Garden Sage, and they have grown wonderfully so far! They mail you these little cuttings in plastic baggies, plant them in some soil and water sparingly. I put mine in a few coffee mugs I got at an estate sale and they're doing great. Pictures soon.

bought red sedum:
and sedum lineare varigatum:

**As for the new blog name: this is it, folks. Wanted something a little shorter and sweeter. And along with my kitty's profile, I think it's a good match. Plus, my mom really did say that to me all the time. Thanks, Marth, for the help with the banner!

10 reasons I "NEED" an iphone

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

1. I'm good at the internet.

2. I'm not a fly-by-night Apple user; have had my ibook laptop since 2005.

3. I like to google things. Just to know for sure if ________.

4. Helps with parlor games.

5. You can choose which voicemails you want to listen to. how can phones get any better than that?

6. The Mini has an auxiliary input...I could totally listen to Pandora in my car! Sheesh!

7. We are currently under no phone contracts. We pay our phone bills month-to-month, so to leave Verizon would not cost an arm and/or a leg.

8. They're pretty and now they come in white.

9. I could take pictures of things and send them to Martha if I wanted! There are too many funny things that happen to not be able to document and send/save easily with a phone.

10. Everyone else is doing it!

We Love America

Monday, July 06, 2009

(me + jonny in front of the balloon arch, growing out my bangs. blech.)

As mentioned on Martha's blog, our dad absolutely LOVES Independence Day. He admitted last year that he actually loves July 4th more than Christmas, the most magical day of the year. This is big, people. (Technically, I consider the most magical time of the year to be Christmas Eve, but you get my point.)

Every year, my parents' neighborhood has a July 4th parade, complete with the following:

1. a float on which the Queen of Pidgeon Estates rides, chosen by the one-woman committee of my mom (and yes, Martha has been the queen, and no, I have not. My parents came up with this brilliant idea after I became a matron.)

2. my dad and mom's community band (in which they play trumpet and percussion, respectively)

3. hamburgers/hot dogs and dessert contest

4. fire truck which leads the parade around the block, and afterwards sprays water for the little kids to run through

5. and this year, dunk tank and crafts fair

[Every five years, Uncle-Sam-on-Stilts joins us to contribute balloon animals for the kids.]

I doubt my parents will ever move to another neighborhood because of this very event. This year completed the 17th annual. Because of all of my dad's hard work, my parents were presented with Mr. and Mrs. Uncle Sam statues by the other lady who organizes it. See the sheer joy in my dad's face below?

Martha and I participated in the crafts fair, with Martha's onesies and my stationery. We got several good leads and had fun looking at the other wares for sale. I got the most adorable pin cushion from handmadebychristine! (She's got an etsy shop too.)

I also entered the dessert contest, and won! The prize this year was a rack of ribs smoked and prepared by the neighborhood mailman, who happens to be a world-class barbecue master. Absolutely superb, they were. The winning dessert was a strawberry-blueberry pie. (In the picture below, there is a bite taken out of it FYI.) Thanks, Beth, for the recipe!

I won't even really go into explaining how the whole neighborhood has American flags on the light poles from Memorial Day through the end of July, another of Steve's brilliant ideas.

After naps and plenty of water, we headed back outside to join the Turman/Humber/Srnka/Guinn/Carter/Jerkins clan annual July 4th cookout and kickball game. As always, the kickball game resulted in a "tie," but homemade ice cream, watermelon, fireworks, and Lori's delicious sugar cookies were no less enjoyable without the W.

A truly successful day celebrating our country. I cannot imagine celebrating July 4th without the parade, and now the Kickball Cookout.

How do you celebrate the Fourth?
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