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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We had a wonderful 3rd anniversary last week. Jonathan sent me some beautiful yellow and white daisies at work and we had a very lovely dinner at Ciao Bella. Our friend and wedding planner, Ashley, gave us this cute little anniversary book for our first anniversary. In it, there's a spot for a horizontal photo, as well as places to write in where you lived and what you did over the last year. Last year, of course, we had a picture from the Final Four. This year, I wanted to choose an Aaron Snow picture, so I chose this one (what do you think?):

I am still trying to get my act together w/the pictures of my new flowers/garden, so please excuse my picture-taking handicap. Look at these fun listings below!

BEAUTIFUL Ceramic Mugs, listing here.

Cutie-pie bird buttons (i know...birds!) listing here.

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Martha has begun to launch her very own Etsy shop, selling the most adorable onesies and other fabric applique goods! Her shop is Punkin'pied, link is here.

Bday Gift

Thursday, April 23, 2009

(I havent decided on Twitter yet FYI)

Martha wanted me to post a picture of her birthday gift to me, so here it is. Beautiful McCarty pitcher that I've wanted for a loooooong time. I think it looks so cheery w/my yellow kitchen walls.

I've got this big before-and-after courtyard/gardening post planned, but my pictures didn't all make it on the flash drive, so it will have to wait.

In the meantime, look at my new little gift tag/enclosure cards I finally got posted in my etsy shop! tee hee! Full listings here.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Need opinions.

My first interaction with the current phenomenon, Twitter, was when I read of the story involving my company, FedEx, and the infamous Twitter post which insulted our fair city of Memphis. (If you’re interested in the full story, see link here for full details.)

My initial reaction/comprehension of the online behemoth that is currently eclipsing the social networking scene/craze was that it seemed a little silly. Why do I need another site to post a “status” ? And who really cares what I am doing or thinking every single second?

Good friend and fellow Mac user, Robert, explained to me that the concept was created as sort of a niche-information site. Like you could “follow” the “tweets” of fellow Mac geniuses and one could put a call-out “does anyone know how to fix ____ or ____” and all the people who “follow” you would be specialized enough in your field to immediately send you an answer. Sort of like an internet mass-text.

So how did this site transcend to include my favorite morning radio show Drake and Zeke or even Memphis Daily News writers and the dadgum President of the United States? All of the design blogs I read now have Twitter pages. Jesse told me she follows John Mayer and has found several of his tweets to be very entertaining.

Skeptical at first, I now admit that I am intrigued. I want to join. At this point, however, it’s not so that others will “follow” my tweets, or read my entries. Rather, I seem to come across daily different blog/radio personalities who have a Twitter page, and I want to follow them.

Do you get emails with updates or what? How does this work? Does it only make sense to be on Twitter if you have an iphone (i do not)? Can I be on Twitter and not actually “tweet” myself? Am I a total sell-out for being intrigued to join?

Opinions please.

update: still haven't joined twitter as of 12-23-09

Misc Birthday

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It was a grand birthday. Especially in light of the horrific birthday from last year. See overly dramatic pity-party post here.

The day started with a surprise racecar Happy Birthday banner hung up in the living room which I saw when I stumbled downstairs to feed the cat his breakfast. Good job, husband. At work, I had a very nice lunch with my pals, complete with cake, at Newk's, and also got to look at a festive Bugs Bunny birthday banner hung next to my cubicle. Meant to get a picture, but alas, no picture (no surprise).

I do, however, have a picture, courtesy of Beth's husband's iphone (hence the quality). My brilliant friends Grant & Mandi produced this wonderful shirt for my birthday. If you can't see, it's a picture of Cal's face in the middle of the words "Kentucky is Yucky" and he has devil horns. Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you, Burkes.

Also below is a picture of our Radio Cat, Red. This is a new-to-us old radio that Jonathan found on Craig's List. A good addition to the townhome, no?

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and fun. Maybe being 25 isn't so bad.

Truly Amazing

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I have never posted a video on my blog before. But, as stated in the previous post, my love for the Sound of Music compels me to post it for your pleasure too. You will not be sorry you watched this, mark my words. If you were ever in a train station, and wanted to break into a choreographed dance, this video is for you.

Click here for the video if you want to watch it on the external link. By the way, the lady on the left looks funny? Like maybe she's really a man?

Full 4 minute version here.

25 Years..Thus, 25 Things

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Since I didn't jump on the facebook bandwagon of "25 things" a few months ago (see New York Times article about it here), I thought since I'm turning 25 today, there is a bona fide reason/excuse to do the following. Just for kicks?

1. I love Memphis: the city, the atmosphere, the region, the history, the connotation, the struggle, the identity, the heritage, the tradition, and the legacy entailed.

2. I didn't have a real pet until I was 20 years old; now the cats that are the bane of my dad's existence are still at their house.

3. Our cat's name is Red. He's black and he thinks he's a dog/person.

4. I am a longtime Memphis Tigers basketball fan.

5. I am also a University of Texas alum. Thus I love Longhorn sports as well, particularly Longhorn football. Living in Memphis precipitates more opportunity to flex my fan muscle toward Tiger basketball, however. It also doesn't help that my husband is a lifelong Tigers fan too.

6. I attended the 2003 Final Four in New Orleans and watched the Longhorns lose in the semi-final with my good pal Haley. It wasn't heartbreaking because we lost to Syracuse, the eventual champion, courtesy of Carmelo Anthony. Syracuse fans are pretty nice.

7. Jonathan and I went to the 2008 Final Four in San Antonio with friends and his siblings. Aside from the heartbreaking loss, it was one of the most fun times ever.

8. If you want to have one of the best times of your life, go to a Final Four and watch your team play. You really won't care about if they win as much as you think. The experience is worth the effort/money/hassle/possible heartbreak.

9. I have an English degree.

10. I like correct grammar and vocabulary words. My fellow English scholar and friend at work, Leanne, and I correspond frequently over the office messaging system regarding correct spellings or word anomalies. Is there a comma after Leanne's name in the previous sentence?

11. (Only at 11?) I am not ashamed of the fact that I know all the songs on the Fleetwood Mac greatest hits album. It's definitely come in handy singing in Rock Band.

12. I am a very good typist. I have no idea how fast I type, or what even a good words/minute rating is, but sometime I would like to be tested. In middle/high school, I toyed with the idea of being a courtroom stenographer.

13. I like pretty paper, stationery, and nice pens.

14. I am very possessive of my pens. If I loan you one, you better believe I am watching you until I get it back.

15. Favorite movies: Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. Also can say that for several years, my third favorite was When Harry Met Sally. I watched it with Jonathan and he didn't laugh very much so it kind of made me question how truly funny it is.

16. Recently developed a weird/passive-aggressive habit of ending typed sentences with ?s to somehow soften whatever it is I'm trying to say. I think it subliminally works?

17. I love Saved by the Bell. For the 7th grade talent show, me and 5 friends did a SBTB skit, where I played Jessie Spano. You better believe I rocked that "I'm so excited...I'm so excited...I'm so scared" portion of the skit. We took home first place.

18. On our first date, Jonathan told me to be plotting for good jokes and fun, so I brought along my trusty Saved by the Bell board game. Some may say this was a risky first-date move; but I knew if Jonathan was going to be any kind of long-term more-than-friend, he would appreciate this move. And he did. We used the question cards from this game to generate some great conversation.

19. Also on our first date, we played the original Super Mario Bros. Our goal was to be the first people we knew to beat the game with Luigi. This happened several dates later. We haven't really played video games since.

20. My dad and I ran a marathon together in 2004: one of my favorite accomplishments.

21. I am the oldest of 3 chillen: Leslie, Martha, and Scott. which we figured out could also stand for Large, Medium, and Small. Large... heh.

22. I've always been bigger than Martha. Always. The only thing smaller I have is earlobes. My ears and earlobes are strangely small and hers are strangely round and large. She won't mind my saying so.

23. Besides Jonathan, Martha is my best friend. We got our Mini-Coopers on the same day 5 years ago. We named them Betty and Judy, after the sisters in White Christmas. That movie is so great.

24. I love musicals. quiz me

25. I also love succulent plants. If you ever want to really give me a smashing gift, consider an unusual potted succulent or sedum OR tickets to the So You Think You Can Dance tour, which is a dream of mine to attend.

There you have it.

Dead to Me

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

(couldn't resist blogging about this)

The above is the front page of the University of Memphis' daily newspaper, The Daily Helmsman. I believe it describes perfectly how I feel about the Calipari fiasco. This last 2 days of emotional rollar-coastering has been extremely taxing. He's going--he's staying--he's going--Fred Smith is there--"Kentucky is the Notre Dame of basketball"--Xavier Henry is back to the drawing board--there's hope--there's no hope--"it's official"--it's not official--heartbreaking. All of it is simply heartbreaking. The Sweet 16 loss seems like a pleasant distant memory compared with the outlook of a sans-Calipari Tiger basketball program.

Last night, we mourned. We had our time of grief, Jonathan and I. We ate a hot-n-ready $5 pizza and Mandi brought us Muddy's cupcakes. I wanted to eat all 6 of them, but managed to just eat one (somehow). We/Jonathan played the song "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins for me while I felt the compulsion to weep. Jonathan described it like we'd been broken up with. I also feel like Santa Claus has died. The above may seem really dramatic. But the our family family fully comprehends and feels the weight of Tiger basketball and what it means for the city of Memphis. And the most [hurtful] bottom line to all of this is that Memphis simply wasn't good enough for John Calipari, in the end. It wasn't about money or really even legacy, in my opinion. Memphis isn't good enough and Kentucky is. And that one hurts. (Also to throw some salt in the wound: next year was to be the year --we were going to have one of the greatest recruiting classes of all time. Now, who knows what will happen next year, or any year for that matter?)

But I do know one thing: Jonathan and I will be sitting in the stands next year, watching whatever Memphis basketball team and whatever coach are playing in the Forum wearing our Tiger blue.

This day concludes my time of mourning. When I clicked on Cal's press conference this morning broadcasting from Lexington, and saw the sight of him sitting in front of a UK logo wall, it made me physically ill. I had no desire to hear any of the words from his mouth, and really feel like I was lied to. Just Friday, he told reporters that he wasn't interested in the Kentucky job, and wanted to stay in Memphis. Ah well. So we were lied to. You'd do the same thing for almost $40 million dollars. PSYCH.

As our friend Brett says, he is truly dead to me.

If you are a non-Memphian, and are interested in reading more articles about this, visit The Commercial Appeal website for a slew of info.

This one especially hurts: Geoff Calkins today.
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