Cash Only: new pet peeve

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

About 2 months ago, Jonathan and I went to the cash only envelope system, a la Dave Ramsey. We each have our own envelope, one for groceries, one for dates, etc. It has worked very well for us so far. But that is not the point of this post.

This has been the first season of my life in a very long time when I have had cash on me at all times. Before this, I was 100% the "I-don't-have-any-cash-on-me" person (and it was true). I've used a credit card for $1.19 pack of gum before. It was that bad.

Thus, using cash as a sole form of currency has brought to my attention a new pet peeve that I hopefully have not habitually committed in my years of retail.

Does it bother you when cashiers place in your palm (from the bottom up):
-dollar bills

Because it gets on my last nerve. How can I possibly allocate each of those three things to the proper category of my wallet or purse in a semi-fluid or timely manner when they're placed in my hand this way? Especially if there's a line? I try to have the coin purse section unzipped and ready, but it's often just too cumbersome to try to slide in the dollar bills AND get the receipt in the bag, or at least out of my clammy hand, before the person behind me is ready to pay. It's just too much pressure! Ask me if I want my receipt in the bag first or something. And, it seems to be a new trend to be smug about it if you're able to count out the right change and get the receipt in one go-round. No ma'am.

You know what, come to think of it, I always give change first and then the receipt.

Does this bug anyone else? And a ba humbug to you too.
Just kidding


Take this for what it's worth...

Monday, December 22, 2008

This may be beyond the realm of the readership's sphere of interest...but please humor me.

So I am the champion of my work group's fantasy football league 2008. It consists of a group of guys who invited me to join probably just to be nice--little did they know Team Danica would pull out the W week after week, to end the season the champion and 12-2 overall.

Special thanks to Deangelo Williams, who basically won every playoff game for me single-handedly. Despite Tomo Romo's December curse and the Steelers defense's best efforts of playing badly yesterday to sabatoge the championship game, Deangelo's 4 touchdowns in last night's game sealed the deal.

Haven't decided yet if I shall return next year for a repeat effort. Might just let the mystique remain...

A Few More...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Aaron Snow is awesome. I love the one of Jack (Martha's 'page boy') ... it is the sweetest picture.

In other news, the big St Jude Half-Marathon is Saturday--eek! 2 days away! Martha, Jonathan, and I will all be participating and running the 13.1 together. I have visions of crossing the finish line, holding both of their hands raised in the air in triumph. Oh wait, that was me and my dad during the full marathon 4 yrs ago. :)

I love this guy

Monday, December 01, 2008

Yes, I love Jonathan. I also appreciate the immense talent of our friend, Aaron Snow of Aaron Snow Photography. Check it out:,
his blog link is to the right
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