Attention e-bay Bidders...

Friday, January 18, 2008

If there are anywhere from 2-5 days left in an auction, WAIT TO BID! What in the world is going on? One is merely ruining the prices for all of the other bidders and driving them needlessly sky-high, and prematurely at that!


A 2-year-old Banana Republic shirt that was listed at $0.95 had 5 days left. I checked again with 2 days left, and there had been 3 bids, driving the price up to $2.95. Now, in this case, $2.00 seems paltry, but don't you agree that, with such an amount of bidding time remaining, these three bidders had needlessly jacked up the price? Thoughts?

(I promised Jesse I'd give her a shout-out: we vented to each other about this recently.)

All for the Sake of a PS3...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I can't believe that this exists; I really cannot. All to win a PlayStation3... Guitar Hero is fun and all, but sheesh! This website definitely speaks loud and clear about Britney Spears' current situation in popular culture.

*Disclaimer: I am not condoning actually exploring this website in any way or its contents. I am merely commenting on the fact that a website exists where a person can be rewarded for correctly predicting the date in which said celebrity will meet her demise. Such existence of a website is indeed appalling and sickly fascinating. This is the extent of my observation.
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