Look at that little face...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Okay, whoa, you're thinking. This amount of pictures may be excessive. Is this little kitty not the cutest little guy you've ever seen? Can you see how tiny he is?

Here's his story: my boss, also named Jonathan, discovered a litter of kittens had been born outside of his back window, next to the air conditioning unit. There were five kittens, but the mother cat growled whenever he tried to come near and look. A few days later, two of the kitties had died, and there were three left. The next night there was a big storm. So, the mother cat decided to move the remaining three kittens to another place. She never came back for this little guy (we're calling him Sam/Sammy). He will probably be 3 weeks old on Wednesday. He has the key to my heart. I have been helping nurse him and take care of him since Jonathan C. found him. We've taken him to a nearby vet, too, who has inspected him and helped us with instructions on nursing Sammy. We got to watch his eyes open for the first time, and aren't they so blue? He still has to be fed every 3-4 hours, and has started to purr like crazy whenever you cuddle him! He has so much personality!

If anyone is interested in bringing this tiny bundle of joy, I will definitely interview you. Yes, I am very protective of this little angel, and want him to have the best home possible. He will make a marvelous pet. Red, our cat, really likes him, I think. I love the picture of the 2 of them together, because you can see how small Sammy really is. Can you see how fuzzy and cute he is?

Vacation, Indeed

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sorry for the long absence. Jonathan and I are headed to Destin tomorrow for a long weekend (and his fall break). If you work for Gap, Inc. full-time, you cannot take vacation days from November 1-January 10. So, I'm trying to get in one last fun weekend before Holiday Craziness ensues. I'm very much looking forward to sitting in a chair reading a book. Or not doing anything. Maybe just sitting. Maybe walking. Maybe talking. Maybe nothing. All of the aforementioned sounds marvelous. I cannot WAIT for R-E-S-T!
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