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Monday, December 17, 2007

And here you have it... back from the land of slush, wind, sleet, ice, and pure FUN! We had such a grand time in New York this weekend! I did my best to take as many pictures as I could remember to. Not bad? It's hard w/3 people to not leave anyone out, you know? But we got a few good ones of the three of us.

The first picture is us in front of Tiffany's. They had the most beautiful lights up around the doors and windows. The place was a pure madhouse... we went there the first day after Bloomingdale's and walking down 5th Avenue. The windows and lights were all mesmerizing. And that night we went to see Mary Poppins, which was really phenomenal. There were about 6 new songs in the show, written by 2 guys who collaborated with the original songwriters from the movie. I was skeptical reading about them in the Playbill before the show started, but they really blended seamlessly into the storyline. The sets and special effects were really top-notch, the grand finale being Mary Poppins flying up over the audience and into the ceiling before the curtain call! We were about 30 feet away from her on the Mezzanine level. I have never seen so many people as we did in Times Square that night. It was insane. Don't know how people go there on New Year's Eve... I'd be scared of being crushed to death.

The second day we went to brunch and then down to Soho and Chinatown. We didn't have to go into any sketchy backrooms, but I did have to wait in a phone booth and look at a laminated chart with corresponding numbers next to the bag I wanted. Then the guy came to the phone booth, and I said, "36." He said, "Wait in the phone booth and I'll be right back." He comes back with a black plastic trash bag, and we struck a deal on my "Louis Vuitton." It was all very exciting and funny.

Oh, one of these pictures is in our hotel's lobby: the University Club on 54th and 5th. It is such a beautiful hotel, but you can only stay there if you're a member. Luckily, my parents' stock broker is a member, so we got to stay there. It's a perfect location. But the funny thing about this picture is that we walked into the lobby to check in, and I was in the midst of taking this picture, when I got remonstrated for being in the lobby wearing jeans. The rules say you must be "appropriately dressed" (i.e., no jeans or sneakers) to walk through the lobby; otherwise you have to go in and out through the side basement door. So I got in trouble for this picture. Ha.

H&M was kind of a disappointment, as was Forever 21 (minus the jewelry section). But we had fun at Urban Outfitters and the Flagship Banana Republic (of course), Zara, and Chinatown. By the way, the pink knitted cap I'm wearing saved my life yesterday. Not sure I would've made it walking around in the freezing and windy drizzle without such protection. Don't know if I'll ever wear it again, but I told my mom it was the best thing we bought yesterday. It was funny sitting on the subway and looking at the reflection of the 3 of us all wearing knitted caps with ear flaps.

Tip: GO TO PINKBERRY if you're ever in New York. It's worth the transportation. I promise.

Happy Christmas to all and I'm glad to be home but will definitely be glad to go back someday!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm not done packing yet. We're going to New York tomorrow--me, Martha my sister, and Pam my mom. We've been talking about a girls' trip to NYC for years. And it's finally here. It's tomorrow, for crying out loud! I am so excited.

I'm good at some things (grammar, correspondance), but I'm REALLY NOT good at other things; i.e., packing and taking pictures. Both of these should be amended pronto. I'm working on them. Actually, Martha helped me lay out the clothes for this trip (last night, a whole 2 days before the trip!), and I've GOT to take pictures this weekend or I'm a crazy person!

Here are some updated pictures from the past few weeks. The baby kitten, Sam, is growing up fast. Look at him! He's the permanent kitty of my friend and former boss, JC. Is this not the cutest kitty picture you've ever seen (yes, even you, Schepp)?!

Also, here's a picture of me at the desk @BR on my last full-time day. Ha. More to follow.

Enjoy. Hopefully, I'll have plenty of NYC pics to share next week! We're going to see Mary Poppins, for heaven's sake!

Disclaimer of Sorts

Monday, December 10, 2007

I have a self-inflicted reputation as a "text-er," if you will. I like to text message indeed.

Just so everyone know pubicly, my phone screen has been completely out since 2 weeks ago. It is all white and I cannot see a thing on it. I can receive calls and I can dial them if I know the number by heart. So if you've sent me a text message and expect a prompt response as usual, sorry I've been falling down on the job....technical glitch.

Hopefully this will be amended by the end of this week. Thank you.

A Thought on Christmas Music

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I, like any other self-respecting Christmas fan, do indeed tune into Christmas music following Thanksgiving Day. WRVR and "StarLite" (the Sirius Satellite Christmas station) play very frequently between Thanksgiving and Christmas on my radio--'tis true. I only have one question:

Does anyone really like Kenny G Christmas music?

You'd never listen to him any other time of the year... yet somehow, radio stations near and far seem to think that just because he plays a version of "O Tanenbaum" on his saxophone/clarinet/mutant musical instrument, it's now acceptable to play LOTS of Kenny G on the radio. I mean, after all, it's Christmas. Let me tell you... it's not acceptable! I don't care that he may be playing an exceptionally heartwarming version of "Silent Night." It's still his weird saxophone/clarinet/mutant musical instrument sound blaring at me obnoxiously through my speakers and I don't care that it's Christmas--I still don't want to listen to Kenny G just because it happens to be December.

I much prefer Bing Crosby, Carpenters, Rosemary Clooney, and even if I must, I can tolerate boy-band-genre Christmas tunes when taken in light doses. But NEVER Kenny G! It's almost as bad as that "Little Drummer Boy" fusion song with David Bowie.

Am I stranded on an island of my own opinion on this one?
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