My Opinion About Towels

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I would LOVE to have a fresh towel every time I showered! Unfortunately, I don't have enough energy to do that much laundry (plus, we're dealing with a small stackable washer & dryer that raises the temperature of our condo by 2 degrees when the dryer is going).

Jonathan is very good about hanging his towel up--but he would use the same towel for days and weeeeeeeks if I didn't change it for him. Thus the contention has been this: Leslie wanting to change her towel often and Jonathan thinking that we're doing too much constant laundry.

I'm also a 2 towel girl (1 for hair, 1 for bod)... so this generates even more usage of multiple towels. Final consensus: Maybe someday I'll have a new towel for every shower. But for now, I'll go with 2-3.

Tesney, I only dry my face with my hair towel anyway, which is obviously the cleaner of the 2. Is this acceptable?

I need to take a poll...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How many days/washes do you go before changing out your towels? This has gotten to be a spot of contention in our household? Plus, I'm curious... ?

(This pictures is me with the bride and the maid of honor at the Austin wedding Jonathan & I recently attended... aren't they beauties?)

Trip to Austin

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I just got back from a visit to Austin, Texas, where I was a bridesmaid in my dear friend Katie's wedding.

Notables include:

1. People driving on the highway in the daytime rain don't turn their lights on anymore. I'm serious, I bet less than 50% of drivers I encountered had their lights on! Jonathan drove back to Memphis with me, where he experienced this same phenomenon. I wanted to shout, I CAN'T SEE YOU! Especially with trucks spewing rain all over your windshield as you pass them--makes it very difficult to see anything.

2. Anyone ever had chocolate-covered sunflower seeds/kernels? I hadn't either, but they were the favor at the rehearsal dinner.

3. I visited the Steve & Barry's SJP store. I'll give them a little slack: maybe it's between shipments or something. Everything was incredibly picked over, and they had mostly Larges and XLarges left. There was one black jacket I liked, and several screen print tees, which was a surprise. I didn't know the screen print tee would be a focus for her. Also I realized that the fashion shows on TV were outfits put together by trained stylists, who had a tough job of taking BASICS and making them into something fahionable.

4. Still want that houndstooth coat, though. Now at least I can project my exact size in her clothing.

(I'll post a few pictures once I put the pictures on my computer)

Hope everyone's summers are going along wonderfully!
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