Friday, May 04, 2007

So much has been happening for us recently, that I wanted my next post to be as comprehensive as possible.

1. We were going to move to Oxford, MS for school--and now we're not. However, Jonathan is starting summer school at the U of M on June 6.

2. We had our first anniversary.

3. Jonathan shaved his 8-month-old beard.

See? Life changes galore, or at least imminent life changes have been occurring left and right.

Our anniversary was very fun, but it was like most of the milestones in my life; it came and went with no surprise, only fun and joy. We celebrated at Texas de Brazil for dinner (each of our first time there!), and it was very tasty.

The One Year: It seems like we've been married a long time in some ways, almost like Jonathan and I have always shared a home together. In other ways, it seems like our wedding was just yesterday! I still love looking at the pictures and reminiscing, but after the anniversary, I finally got to the place where I was happy with our wedding being Over; I'm not going to be the bride anymore (I'll always be Jonathan's bride), and that's fine with me. We've had a good year together, learning about keeping house together, getting our first pet together, making job changes and career moves, taking care of one another when we're sick, making plans, etc., etc. Jonathan is my best friend and my partner in life. And I couldn't be happier with our situation, no matter what external circumstances change, the core of our family--the two of us--is constant.

And our cake top was TASTY.
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