There you go, Jesse.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I kind of like having the old template back, I must admit. Thanks.

p.s. I got my Bible engraved with my new name on it today (not the top of the priority list, but a good errand for a Thursday off from work). Now I can feel like my married self while reading Romans! Yippee!

5 Week-Month.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January is a long ole stinkin' month. One of the bright spots, however, is my good friend Kelly Schepp Hovater's birthday is in 5 days. Shout out shout out.

Retail is dismal in January; spring lines are out, but it's cold. Everyone spent a honking amount of money for Christmas and is now paying for it (literally). I am not ready for warm weather yet, 'tis true. We need a good snow, some ice, something before it gets hot again. I have been enjoying way too much hot cocoa recently for it to be 80 degrees soon. The mere thought makes me want to move to Maine.

Basically, the point of this post is I Like Cold Weather. (Or, I Like Being Inside During Cold Weather.) Nothing groundbreaking. Does anyone else share this love of cold with me? Or is it really fear of hotness?

p.s. I've begun Tale of Two Cities.

Jonathan & His Algorithms

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ever since we saw the move The Pursuit of Happyness, Jonathan has made up his mind to solve the Rubix cube. Yesterday (Saturday), I was at work all day, and when I called late afternoon to see what he had been doing, he first said, "nothing," and then admitted to having worked on the Rubix cube for a good chunk of the day.

Sitting next to me is this object of obsession, and he has one full side solved, with 7 others having 6 colors correct, and the final one has 4 colors correct. I think he's getting close. After extensive research, his main comment is: "it's all about the algorithms, baby."

The Newest Family Member

Monday, January 01, 2007

And Happy New Year to you too!

This is the newest member of our family . . . RED. He is approximately 8 months old, and was found outside of Gerald & Susie's house on Cherry Road. My compassionate mother-in-law began feeding him, and noticed how exceptionally affectionate was this kitty. It got extremely cold one night, and she took him into their "back house" room. He lived there for several weeks, got "fixed" and necessary shots, but then, alas! Chris, Nikki, & Kendall were coming visiting for Christmastime! What would Small Black Kitty do when their dog Waker came into the scene? Where would Waker stay?

Solution: the Jonathan's family took him into our cozy little townhouse, and he took to it right away. By the second night, he was sleeping all through the night right next to me... purring while sitting in my lap, sitting underneath whichever chair I happened to be sitting in, etc. Thus, he was delegated the name "Red" --having been assigned to the back house, away from the other animals, it reminded us of the old adage, "Red-headed stepchild."

So here he is with us, to stay. We've grown accustomed to his little black kitty face. The first picture is him with his favorite toy, his foam ball. We've taught him to play fetch, and hopefully soon I will figure out how to upload the video we took. In that way, maybe he is the dog I've always wanted.

(This last picture is a picture of our very first Christmas tree. RIP.)
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