Discovered Pet Peeve

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The phrase, "You need to ________."

...You need to clean this up... You need to write this down... You need to know better than to do that....

This hasn't necessarily been happening more than usual. I am not directing this at any particular person/situation; my notice has merely escalated in the past several weeks. These three little words are an indirect and not tactful way of telling/demanding something. After you notice--yuck.

Jonathan and I are going to Dallas tomorrow for Labor Day. A Kendall visit and a Grandma visit--yippee! And hopefully a nice long visit to Crate & Barrel. (What's funny is that I lived in a town with a C & B for four years and never went once--guess that's what matrimony does to you.)

Dear white shoes/pants/skirts/summer. Not really sorry to see you go.

Love, an Excited Football Fan

Red Hots

Monday, August 21, 2006

If you're a part of my husband's family, you have a container of Red Hots in your house; and we sure do. Susie gave me a jar for my birthday this year...two weeks before I officially became a part of the family.

The Fantasy Football League draft is on Thursday. That's when I will officially gain Vince Young as my quarterback. Jonathan thinks it's foolhardy to draft him so high, but I don't want anyone to wrest him from me.

I really have nothing interesting to say on this post and I really detest that disclaimer as a rule: I'm starting a new job next week at Banana Republic as a manager. I'm so excited. And applying to grad school too. Also I'm more excited about Fall than ever, because we actually have a change in temperature here (Austin stays hot until December, really). Blazers, corduroys, a scarf here or there. Bring it on.

The Most Delicious Sno Cone...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 any sno cone from Sno Beach in Austin, Texas, yessir. Shout-out to Shelby, who was there when I popped in for a surprise visit. It was so exciting to step into that sweet white trailer, listen to the lovely music of ice shaving, and see the colorful myriad of bottles displayed in the window for all to admire and crave. I miss me some Sno Beach sno cones, that's so true, and my fun job there. Cash tips, the occasional crazies, sweet goodness in a cup right at your fingertips--what's not to love in a job like that?

Also on the aforementioned trip to Austin this past weekend, I got to see my dear friend Erin Lee Trimble become Mrs. Erin Trimble Hicks. 'Twas a beautiful ceremony, and a picturebook reception too, outside on the grounds of a white mansion (The Barr Mansion: in a glassed-in, vaulted room with hydrangeas everywhere, a fun band, and carrot cake to boot! I got to see many old and wonderful friends, and dance to "Brick House" and "We Are Family" like never before.

Tax free weekend extended to Austin, where my friends Katie, Becky, and I went to the outlets in San Marcos, where they have just built a Crate & Barrel outlet. It was maximum fun that I could have without my Jonathan, who was in Chicago for the weekend with some of his college friends, seeing 2 sporting events: a Cubs game with awesome 3rd row seats, and the MLS All-Stars vs. Chelsea in soccer. Definitely fun for boys. Maybe he'll take me to Chicago someday and we can do both sports and shopping. Compromise=friendship and marriage.

I'm a very blessed girl.
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