2nd Honeymoon

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The latest news: http://www.princess.com/news/article.jsp?newsArticleId=na774

So, Jonathan and I will get to have our second honeymoon before we ever get to go on our first. Did yall hear about the cruise ship that burned last week? Yep, that was ours. The only Princess cruise to leave on Sunday, April 23. Jonathan said, "This will be funny in about 2 months." I think it's pretty funny now. So we're on square one for honeymoon location...where shall we go? Tunica? Mobile? San Francisco? Any suggestions?

For cruise ship damage, go to: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory?id=1762613

Negative 1 Month Anniversary

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So tomorrow (or today technically) is one month until the Big Day. Transition time will be completed. My marital status will never again be Single.

Two things to address in this post:

1. I have been reading drastically less in these past few months...engagement? No set schedule? I don't know. Nonetheless, it has been weird. (Maybe because I've put aside fiction for marriage books...)

2. I love American Idol. When did this happen? I watched the Clay and Ruben season and the Fantasia season, but not last season. I didn't care one bit about Carrie Underpants or Bo Longhaired Bice...in fact, I would get frustrated with the purple section in the USA Today when they had a freaking "Idol" update after every single episode. After all, "not everyone's watching American Idol."
Well, let me tell you, I am definitely eating my words. Not only do I love American Idol, but I could easily have a fifteen minute conversation with anyone who has watched a single episode and convince them that this is going to be the closest race in the history of the show. There are seriously five or six, wait six or seven even, that could win. And any of these six or seven could have won on previous seasons. I am serious. It's that good. This week's show was the best so far. Everyone is at the top of their game now, and all I have to say is Paula Abdul is either an alcoholic or she is on a lot of painkillers, because something isn't right.
(If any of you are viewers and you're wondering who my favorite is, it's Elliott Yamin. Sure, he may not be the most attractive or the most "hip"...but he's got a great voice, let me tell you, a great voice.)

I'll close with this: is there something wrong with me that I'm really not stressed out yet?

Fix You? Fix Me!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

For pictures from the about-to-be-described blessed event, click on the Brooke's Blog link to your right.

This weekend was my dear friend, Jesse Faris' wedding. (That's the first time I've really written her name in complete seriousness and legality.) It was the wedding of Nick and Jesse Faris. And let me tell you, it was a breath of fresh air. Although it's somewhat tiring to be a bridesmaid, it is a complete joy to share such an important day in the life of one of your best friends. Feeling with her that thrill of going to meet her groom (although it is less than 6 weeks until I go to meet mine!) was a privilege; praying with her before she and Nick officially left their families and individual selves for each other--what an awesome time blessed by God! And I mean awesome in the spiritual sense.

Before you ask, YES, it was even more excitement-inducing for me since mine and Jonathan's wedding is now 40 days away. Wow. Forty days. (Well, I guess less since it's after midnight.) My breath caught right before walking down the aisle ahead of Jesse. Caught because I will be walking down that very same aisle to meet my match and become his wife.

Jesse did walk down the aisle to "Fix You" by Coldplay. It was a perfect entrance for her. But I was thinking about the words later, and it kind of turned into sort of a barebones prayer: Lord, fix me. Fix me into a woman who can serve you by serving Jonathan as his wife. Fix me into the woman you've made me to become. Thank you for abundantly blessing me!

Placesettings and Namecards

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Today was our wedding shower at Highland. It was beautiful! They used the white tulips that we're using in the wedding, and spread Tiffany blue tablecloths on the tables like the bridesmaids' dresses, and there was punch and yummy cookies and even a manequin wearing an antique lace wedding dress!

This whole experience was truly humbling. There are so many families at Highland that bless me it's hard to think straight. I can't even remember everything I opened right this minute, but I know that so much love, prayers, and support goes into each one of those presents. So many of these families helped raise both me and Jonathan; we wouldn't be who we are if it weren't for them. And as much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, this "village" of a church really has raised both of these "children" about to marry each other.

And also, Jonathan got the only thing he really wanted to register for--his digital scale! Thank you, Nancy Black!
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