New and Improved

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I've decided to make the switch over to Blogger. This encourages posting by the entire world of the web, unlike xanga, which only allows its members to participate in posts. The leaf has been turned.

Has anyone read anything they just couldn't put down? I recently finished A Million Little Pieces, the controversial "memoir" by James Frey. This book was slightly difficult to stomach, as it was about recovery from drug addiction; although the issue being able to put it down (I definitely could), the story has indeed been occupying my mind since I've finished it. And I must make a confession: I have never truly appreciated recovery from drug addiction. Yes, my good friend Jared is a successful recovering Alcoholic and I appreciate him and his testimony. But after reading this book, GONE is my "get over's in your power to completely stop" attitude. Which is funny, because James Frey does not accept AA's Twelve Steps or the "theory" (his word) that addiction is a disease that one is born with. He has remained sober by taking personal responsibility and really and truly just saying no. But this book makes that seem like an impossible choice for 99.9% of struggling addicts. It really made me appreciate the strength and humility it takes to overcome an addiction.

(Sorry my first real post is so heavy. It is partly a response to Kelly's previous question.)
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