I didn't mean to stop!

Monday, April 06, 2015

I guess I reached my limit this year. Between working, toddlers, pregnancy, and a resident husband, I just haven't had enough gas in my tank. I don't watch a lot of TV at night or anything... but just taking care of the house and children just simply run out of gas. Blah blah, welcome to everyone's life, I know. I never wanted to blog if it felt like an extra task, that wouldn't feel genuine. And so much of the internet these days feels like been-there-done-that, who would care what I have to say about anything? But I miss this space and the posterity it offers. Truthfully, I think daily about what I wish I would be able to type out here.

So here goes. Let's flex this almost-atrophied muscle.

We're now about a month out from Baby 3. Of course, I'm getting fairly uncomfortable, as happens in the last month. And like most mothers of third pregnancies (or so I've heard?) feel that this belly is the most massive it's ever been. But beyond that, no news is good news, and I have nothing really to complain about at all, which is an enormous blessing and enormously lucky. It's physically taxing to be this pregnant and take care of two little ones concurrently...but I have nothing to complain about beyond fatigue.

We still don't know the gender, and I have to tell you, I have LOVED not knowing this time around! It's forced me to be more relaxed somehow, because "the new baby" just feels much less daunting then a specifically named person, if that makes sense any. Honestly, I love newborns and it's not really the baby who "scares" me about this next phase of our family—it's the other two on top of him/her.

The girls are fun and sweet, but a whole lot of crazy. My new saying is that most of the time, they just average out into having 2 two-and-a-half-year-olds. Their age difference isn't enough at this point to make Juliette more manageable most of the time. It's just two whirling dervishes, who love wrestling and chasing each other and roughhousing and having fun. I love that they enjoy each other and love to play together, but their playing almost always ends in someone crying if we're not right in the room watching them. So...yeah. I know this will only get better/easier as time goes on, but that's what makes me nervous—when I won't be able to attend to them/referee right then and there because of the baby.

I can't wait to find out who this baby is, and how he/she fits into our family and the magic of him/her inevitably falling into a space and role we never knew we were missing before. Because we don't know the gender, neither of us have felt compelled to 100% commit to any names yet. I don't feel like I need to assign a name for a baby that may or may not apply, and thus there has been no rush. We will likely decide in the hospital, after he/she is born, which is a little exciting also.

It's been fun working on a neutral nursery (here and here you can see the two girl versions of the room, only slightly different from each other). We had the walls painted white, and Jonathan painted our pretty pink dresser a pretty blue (this one).

I reused a lot of the nursery-girl items in the girls' new shared room (which was a lot of fun to update actually!), and maybe if I can get myself together, I can share that soon.

What would a post be without a photo? Here's a family photo (likely one of the last of us as a family of 4!), on the day in early March when we had just the prettiest snow in Memphis:

If you're still here, thank you so much for reading and checking in on our little family. I truly truly have missed being in this space and have not let the dream die!

Molly is 2

Sunday, March 08, 2015

My little Molly Frances has turned 2 years old. I have been thinking of her in my head as "almost 2" since Christmas, so it's not completely shocking, but at the same time, she is still such my baby that I can't believe she turned 2 years old. When Juliette turned 2, she was a big sister to an almost 6-month-old baby, and in my mind was "so big" (perhaps this is how it goes with oldest siblings?). But watching Molly turn 2 has made me realize how little it still is.

She is a determined little thing. Lithe with skinny little bird legs, she sets her mind to something and cannot be shaken!

Her BFF is undoubtedly Juliette, whom she'll call for around the house, "Juju!" or "Juuu! Where are you Juu?"

Holding up 2 fingers :) 

Cannot get enough of this little face or smile. Molly can light up a room with those eyes. She loves her mommy, which I love (who knew this could also be a little taxing at times, especially while carrying around a giant belly?).

It's hard to say what her favorite food is...maybe Cheerios? There is nothing I can feed her that I'll always know she'll eat. Not to say she's a bad eater, she's not, it's just that one day she'll scarf down a bowl of chili and the next week not want to touch it. Definitely keeps us on our toes. She does consistently like oatmeal, smoothies, cheese, roasted broccoli, and Ritz crackers.

She loves to watch family videos, snuggle in our bed after waking up, and have ice in her water. She can be really good at playing by herself, and holds her own impressively well (after a lifetime of training, I suppose), when being wrestled by her big sissy. She will take about a 2 hour nap most afternoons, and sleeps about 10ish hours at night (I won't go into how the shared room transition has gone for us—that deserves a post of its own at some point). I don't think she wants to miss any of the action!

I honestly have no idea how she'll react when the new baby comes. I think she loves being the baby of the family for now, but have also seen glimmers in her personality—from the very beginning of her life—that sort of fit perfectly with her new role as middle child. I'm not sure if it's her tenacity or ability to hold her own despite being littler than stage-loving big sister...TBD. Molly can hold her own.

Crazy about this love muffin and I'm so grateful to have her in our family. Happy birthday Molly Wolly!

two thousand fifteen / Christmas recap

Monday, January 05, 2015

Haven't we all been waiting for this year for...years?

image from here

We are full-on into January, with bleak temperature forecasts, zero leaves left, and frozen landscape staring back at us through frosty windows.

Going through the holidays pregnant is fun in its own way--so much promise and unknowns looking forward to the next Christmas! And, you can't really "diet" per se come January 1 (though you can feel like you've definitely overindulged, need to cool it on the sugar, and quit indulging in so many long-winters'-naps (or maybe that's just me)).

This year, I was able to take a nice break from work, and enjoyed a good chunk of days at home with me and the little girls (their school closes the week between Christmas and New Year's, and with Daddy not in school this year to watch them, Mommy got to take the break!). Jonathan had some time off too, which was much-needed for all of us and so much appreciated.

We had such a wonderful Christmas with the girls! It was so fun! As I mentioned before, they had no expectations, mostly just excitement and joy with everything we did! Santa brought them one toy each and a book, and filled their stockings with mainly chapstick (oops) and new art supplies. Mommy and Daddy gave them each an ornament. I hope, along with Santa's help, we can retain this structure throughout the years, or shift over to the want/need/wear/read/give kind of model. Juliette got a doctor kit and Molly got a new baby doll (hopefully to help her practice a little for our new baby). Both are hits so far!

Look at these sisters so proud of their sister Elsa & Anna dolls from Nana and Papa:

I'm a little obsessed with how proud they look in this picture. Oh man. So so cute. Christmas with little kids is the best!

We made these cookies for Santa Christmas Eve afternoon (I made them a few years ago for the cookie exchange and they're a great gingerbread stand-in). Juliette wanted to leave Santa 8 cookies and was only slightly dismayed that he seemed to have only eaten 5. Ha.

Since Christmas, I've really been thinking a lot about how I want our Christmases in the future to look...what traditions I want to start, how I want to structure our day/the days leading up. Lots of good conversations with Jonny about this, and I look forward to revisiting it next November/December.

(above) Here are our little Christmas gnomes on Christmas Day, with cousin Jane (the best pic we could get!). Such a wonderful day at Grammy's, and we were all tired little chickens with full bellies crawling into our beds that night.

We're so enjoying our new swing set from Grammy & Deeda, on days that are not frigid/rainy (and even on some days that are!). SO excited to have this for this coming year! Cannot wait to take the girls outside in the summer with the new baby to swing.

WHY is this picture so funny? One, because she made me take it. It's a redux of what we did for our Christmas card (which I need to belatedly post)--Juliette insisted one day when we got home from somewhere (good and well after Christmas), that she wanted me to retake her picture and posed like this all on her own. What is this expression? I do not know.

Speaking of ham, I made my first ham on New Years Eve! This one. It wasn't that hard at all and turned out pretty well I think? I bought a half ham shank for not too much $, and it was pretty easy. I have yet to make soup from the leftovers, and the window might be closing on that. Maybe today (hopefully)!

I've gained a little energy back, and no longer crawl into bed as soon as the little ones' lights are out. Nesting has kicked in a little, but beyond putting away Christmas decorations and cleaning/cleaning out toys (which took a few days and still felt so good), everything is still theoretical.

Step one of real nesting is Operation Girls' Shared Room. I'm half excited and half scared about the sleep disruptions that will ensue, but also want to give us plenty of cushion before New Baby comes (or Captain Hook, as Juliette calls him/her). Plus there's a lot of cleaning out/reorganizing/shifting around that needs to occur for them to officially share. Maybe I'll be able to get myself together and do some before/afters of now-Juliette's/future shared room. Then it's on to neutralize the nursery and maybe even some work in the kitchen (I HOPE!). 

Happy New Year!!! I hope yours is full of fresh starts or continuing survival, whichever season of life you're in. Either way, this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. We are so grateful for this life.

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The Christmas Season, etc.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The longer I stay away from writing here, the harder it is to come back! Why is this?

And I don't know why, either, this idea has wormed itself into my head, of not having anything to share with the world-wide internet when I don't feel like I'm knocking any area of my life out of the park currently. That's probably dumb because then the only person who could write on blogs would be Martha Stewart.

My kids are happy and busy, they love to sing, play and be with each other. They are not perfect angels all the time, by any means, but we've been having fun together with our extra time in the afternoons.

What I want to remember about Juliette on December 16, 2014: 

- She loves loves her books, and loves to sleep with them in her bed, mostly on top of one (whatever is the favorite du jour), and she will set up her stuffed animals likewise. We'll often go in after she's asleep and see her and three of her "friends" sleeping on top of a book also. So cute.

- Always the cruise director, she is either orchestrating picnics, slumber parties, or "dinner" for Molly and herself, and oftentimes me too. The activities include an ever-changing and ever-specific set of instructions that sometimes include the words "it would be amazing" thrown in there for good measure.

- She loves to speak for her and Molly collectively--like, "we don't want to do that" or "we're ready to get up and play." I love this so much, and Molly just grins and nods.

- Loves coloring/art-type projects more and more. I hope Santa knows this.

What I want to remember about Molly on December 16, 2014:

- She loves to hide, and will sneak off with a little grin on her face and say, "it's hiiide!"

- She can often be found wandering the house, calling, "Juuuu...Juuuu"

- Getting really good at singing! She'll chime in with perfect timing on words in songs like Jingle Bells (we've been listening to the Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters version and Michael Buble version), Sleigh Ride, and some Ben Kweller and Weezer songs. Ha! They love music so much.

- You can't talk this girl into anything she has her mind set against. Iron will, I think.

It's next to impossible to get a good photo of the two of them. These are the kinds of photos I end up with regularly:

Neither of them want to look at me, or one of them is making a weird face or moving or something. I guess this is typical little kid-photo stuff, but sheesh.

OK so Christmas! Once again, we've been enjoying Betsy's (a friend of a friend I admire so much) Advent Readings for the Very Young, which are wonderful. We have the Little People nativity set (I got it on super sale a few years back), which works well with this series too. I love teaching them about the Christmas story throughout the month, especially now that Juliette can retain this information a little better than last year (Molly likes to chew on the wise men, but that's par for the course right now, I suppose).

I've also been loving Oh Come Let Us Adore Him study book from SheReadsTruth. It's been so refreshing to my heart and mind to be in scriptures surrounding the story of Jesus' birth. Amazing, really. Also, we made the peppermint play-dough from the book, too! There are several recipes sprinkled throughout the study book, which I love! (Recipe posted here, but I used food coloring, not beets, with peppermint oil, and we only made one color--pink of course!)

It's so fun having kids at stages where their expectations for Christmas Day are nil. They don't really comprehend what "next week" means right now, and Juliette keeps telling us she wants Santa to bring her a candy cane. How great is that.

Everything we do (holiday activities/outings) is sort of a bonus, we can do as little or as much as we want. I hope we can always hold these parts of the Christmas season at arm's length--the traditions that can feel inhibiting, the gifts you think are "absolutely necessary" (not), and all the "stuff" of the season that is entirely besides the point of celebrating the birth of a Savior come to earth in the flesh. How marvelous, how hopeful, how joyful!

Baby 3 update - all is going well. I posted on instagram the other day that Juliette's name suggestions were "Captain Hook" and "Captain Von Trapp" over the course of a couple of weeks. Then this morning, she called the baby "Captain Von Trapp" again so we may have found ourselves with an in-utero nickname (we've never really done that before). I couldn't be happier with the selection. :)

End-of-year stuff: our 2015 planners are still for sale, and my 2015 one-page calendars available for download here. One week til Christmas (give or take a day)! I'm so excited!

2015 Day Planners!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The 2015 version of our "Long Leaf Planners" are here!

Almost identical to the August-August version we published a few months back, just a couple of subtle font tweaks!

If you're unfamiliar with this, here are a couple of features:

- 6.5" wide x 8.5" long x 2"ish thick (half a lettersheet)
- thick laminated cover and back cover
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- plenty of notes pages in the back

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